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    Can serum procalcitonin be used to direct antibiotic therapy in outpatients with acute respiratory infections?
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    Can statin therapy be used in hyperlipidemic patients with baseline transaminase elevations?
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    Can we achieve worldwide food security?: the science, sociology, economics and politics behind food production, sustainability and access
    Can we prevent splenic rupture for patients with infectious mononucleosis?
    Can wearing high heels every day have detrimental effects?
    Can women really have it all?: a textual analysis of the portrayal of mothers in Good housekeeping, Woman's day, and Family circle
    Can yoga reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression?
    Can you differentiate bacterial from viral pediatric infections based on the CBC?
    Can you treat a patient with suspected urinary tract infection (UTI) over the phone?
    Cancer stem cells in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor: Biology and therapeutic ramifications [abstract]