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    Effects of even-aged timber harvest on herbaceous vegetation richness in southern Missouri forests
    Effects of exchange rate changes on investment: a study with U.S. firm level panel data
    The effects of exercise and fish oil on oxidative stress
    The effects of exercise and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation as treatments for hepatic steatosis
    Effects of exercise on bone parameters in the oim mouse model [abstract]
    The effects of experiences with constructivist instruction on attitudes toward democracy among Thai college students
    The effects of extrusion on soy protein isolate solubility [abstract]
    Effects of feeding a fumonsin (FB₁) naturally contaminated corn at various levels, with and without 2 adsorbents on the growth performance, blood, and liver chemistry of nursery pigs
    Effects of feeding a no-roughage diet to feedlot cattle compared to traditional corn-soybean meal-hay diet [abstract]
    Effects of fescue toxicosis and chronic heat stress on murine hepatic gene expression
    Effects of fescue toxicosis on growth and thermoregulation of rats [abstract]
    Effects of forest fragmentation on reproductive effort and productivity of Indigo buntings (Passerina cyanea)
    Effects of forest management practices on treefrog oviposition site choice
    Effects of forest management practices on treefrog oviposition site choice [abstract]
    The Effects of Framing on Consumers' Choice of GM Foods
    Effects of front and bottom texturings on gallium arsenide solar cell characteristics
    The effects of furosemide on ureteral diameter and attenuation using computed tomographic excretory urography in normal healthy dogs
    The effects of gender, academic concerns, and social support on stress for international students
    The Effects of HB1519 Funding on Early Childhood Programs
    Effects of heat stress and fescue toxicosis on the immune system and other physiological parameters