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    Combined Oral Contraceptives for Mothers Who Are Breastfeeding
    Combined Sewer Overflows in Missouri: Costs and Alternative Approaches
    Combined Sewer Overflows: A Threat to Water Quality in Missouri
    Combining ability of tomato lines for fruit quality traits
    Combining activities of daily living and scene understanding for continuous assessment of behavior patterns using depth data
    Combining dormant and first summer spray in apple orchards infested by San Jose scale
    Combining School and Family-Centered Interventions to Prevent Child Behavior Problems
    Come away with me: the uses and gratifications of leisure travel magazine readership
    Come hell or high water: a framing analysis of local newspaper coverage of Hurricane Katrina
    Come to nothing
    Comic relief
    Comically serious: trauma and shame in coming-of-age graphic narratives
    Las comidas con proteina son mas que carne, pollo o pescado
    Coming of age: how different cultures mark a young woman’s rite of passage into adulthood
    The Coming Problems with Fossil Fuel Supply [abstract]
    Command and Cooperation: Lessons Learned In Vietnam and Their Applications In Desert Storm
    Comment on 'Model-dependence of Shapiro time delay and the "speed of gravity/speed of light" controversy'
    Comment: Economic Impacts Associated with Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rBST) Use
    Commentary on J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library contributions to the National Network of Libraries of Medicine
    Comments about Pam Boss upon receipt of the Preparata Award