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    Detection of the gravitomagnetic field using an orbiting superconducting gravity gradiometer. Theoretical principles
    Detection of viable escherichia coli in environmental water using a combined propidium monoazide staining-real-time PCR
    Detection of viable Escherichia coli O157:H7 in food by propidium monoazide real-time polymerase chain reaction
    Detector Paralysis Factor and Dead-time Measurements [abstract]
    The determinants and impacts of foreign direct investment in the Thai manufacturing sector: a three-way fixed effects approach
    Determinants of Adopting Imazapyr-Resistant Maize Technologies and its Impact on Household Income in Western Kenya
    Determinants of Beef and Pork Brand Equity
    Determinants of child malnutrtrition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Determinants of civil wars: a quantitative analysis
    Determinants of Corn Rootworm Resistant Corn Adoption in Indiana
    Determinants of Earnings for Asian Immigrants in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area
    Determinants of international cooperation: reciprocity, opportunity, and Cooperative norms
    Determinants that govern alternative splicing of the large intron of minute virus of mice p4-generated PRE-mRNA
    The Determination of the Rate of Thyroxine Secretion by Certain Domestic Animals
    Determination and analysis of multiphoton excitation emissive species.: I,: Emission of PAHS in acidic medium,: II,: Multiphoton emission of possible PDT agents
    Determination of ABA Concentration in Three Stages of Development Among Inbred lines Mo17, Fr697, B73, and B97 [abstract]
    Determination of allelic expression of H19 in pre- and peri-implantation mouse embryos
    Determination of allergen sensitization and comparison of subcutaneous and mucosal (intranasal) allergen-specific immunotherapy in an experimental model of feline asthma
    Determination of AtSCD1 mRNA and protein levels in the temperature sensitive mutant scd1-1
    Determination of conditions for optimum labeling of DOTA-Y3-Octreotate with terbium-161 [abstract]