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    Collective Excitations in Ethane Monolayers Adsorbed on Graphite (0001) Surfaces
    Collective excitations in quantum Hall liquid crystals: Single-mode approximation calculations
    Collective intersubband transitions in quantum wells: A comparative density-functional study
    Collective modes and electronic spectral function in smooth edges of quantum hall systems
    Collective offspring-parent signaling in a social treehopper: mechanisms, patterns and function
    College adjustment of Black/African American student-athletes at predominately-white institutions and historically black colleges and universities
    College and career readiness : Exploring rigor through relevance and its relationship with adolescent identity development
    College attendance plans of high school seniors in Missouri
    College catalog 2016-2018
    College catalog, 2013-2014
    College Football in Turmoil: How Violence, Virility and Social Darwinism Defined College Football, 1880-1915
    College freshmen's perception of racism at the University of Missouri-Columbia: do you see what I see?
    The College of Agriculture centennial lecture series.
    The College of Agriculture offers the people of Missouri instruction, extension, research.
    College of Veterinary Medicine college catalog, 2013-2014
    College students and credit card use: the effect of personal financial knowledge on debt behavior
    College students ethical perceptions on buying counterfeit products
    College Students' Choice of Informal Learning Spaces
    College students' information search behavior for spring break: an exploration in the concept of specialization
    College students' reasons for abstaining or limiting drinking: factor structure, predictors, and relations to abstention and alcohol-related outcomes