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    Climate and regeneration at upper treeline east and west of the continental divide in the northern and southern Rocky Mountains: do landscape- and localscale moisture gradients impact the biogeographic expression of climate change?
    Climate change : challenge and opportunity to maintain sustainable productivity growth and environment in a corn-soybean bioeconomy
    Climate Change for Biotechnology? UK Public Opinion 1991- 2002
    Climate change in the Missouri central hardwood region: consequences for forest landscapes, and management strategies
    Climate change in the newsroom: journalists' evolving standards of objectivity when covering global warming
    Climate change news and trust : the influence of news source, frame and political ideology on judgments of credibility
    Climate of the southeast lowlands of Missouri
    Climate, climate change and hurricanes
    Climatic atlas of Missouri. ; no. 1
    Climatic atlas of Missouri. ; no. 1, 1955
    Climatic atlas of Missouri. ; no. 2
    A climatological and contextual analysis of Roman water technologies in Cyprus
    Climatological Features of blocking anticyclones in the Northern Hemisphere
    Climatological features of blocking anticyclones: a study of Northern Hemisphere CCM1 model blocking events in present-day and double CO2 concentration atmospheres
    Climatology of atmospheric blocking 1978-2008: global and hemispheric breakdown, as well as impacts of temperature, and global climate cycles
    The Climatology of Blocking Anticyclones for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres: Block Intensity as a Diagnostic
    The climatology of dew points and fire weather related parameters in the Missouri-Arkansas region
    A Climatology of Northern Hemisphere Blocking
    A Climatology of Northwest Missouri Snowfall Events: Long Term Trends and Interannual Variability.
    A Clinic Coordinator Improves Clinic Efficiency and Decreases Missed Appointments in a Multidisciplinary Setting