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    Teacher preparation programs and district/school supports for deaf education teachers: a survey of beginning teachers [1]
    Teacher Reported Preparedness: A Study of One Midwest Metropolitan School District [1]
    Teacher Retirement Benefits [1]
    Teacher trust in leadership, professional learning community, and student achievement: an analysis of statewide survey data [1]
    Teachers learning together: the role of professional conference attendance [1]
    Teachers teaching teachers: a case study of the 2011 ProEd professional learning community and its influence on creating a culture for organizational learning in schools in the Republic of Panama [1]
    Teachers' perspectives on their professional learning environment and the relationship to growth in student achievement [1]
    Teaching Against the Mystique of Science: Literature Based Approaches in Elementary Teacher Education [1]
    Teaching English language learners scale (TELLS): a study of validity and reliability [1]
    Teaching Social Information Literacy to Undergraduates [1]
    Teaching superfluidity at the introductory level [1]
    Teaching the Nature of Science Through Inquiry: The Results of a Three-year Professional Development Program [1]
    Tech Trends, 2013 [2]
    Technical analysis of evolving farm organization [1]
    The technical director: the history, the legacy, and a glimpse behind the curtain [1]
    Techniques for Aging Live Deer [1]
    Techniques for Efficient Regular Expression Matching Across Hardware Architectures [1]
    Techniques for improving landmine detection using ground penetrating radar [1]
    Technological Opportunity, Regulatory Uncertainty, and Bt Cotton in Pakistan [1]
    Technologies to Watch: Top Emerging Technologies for Archives and Special Collections [1]