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    The effects of oncogenic Ras on the ocular lenses of transgenic mice [abstract]
    The effects of online content structure on attention & memory: exploring optimal structure for news on corporate web sites
    Effects of oxidative stress and Alzheimer's amyloid-beta peptide on astrocytes
    The effects of particle size distribution on density of activated carbon [abstract]
    The effects of perceived visible characteristics of customers on servers' tipping expectations
    Effects of personal and environmental factors on social engagement in later life
    The Effects of Photographic Identification on Voter Turnout in Indiana: A County-Level Analysis
    The effects of physical activity on adipose tissue metabolism and DNA methylation
    Effects of plastic mulch, row cover, and cultivar selection on growth of tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculerntum Mill.) in high tunnels
    The effects of plyometrics or resistance-training on markers of bone turnover and hormones in men
    The effects of political message frames on aggression
    Effects of polyploidy on female call preference in gray treefrogs, Hyla chrysoscelis
    Effects of polysulfone support layer on the performance of thin film composite (TFC) membranes
    The effects of positive behavior intervention supports and Tier II interventions on academic achievement among elementary students
    The effects of practice and working-practice homework on the math achievement of elementary school students showing varying levels of math performance
    Effects of prenatal exposure to environmental estrogen and the development of endometriosis in adulthood [abstract]
    Effects of prenatal exposure to xenobiotic estrogen and the development of endometriosis in adulthood
    Effects of prescribed burning in Missouri Ozark upland forests
    Effects of prescribed burning on ground-foraging ant assemblages
    Effects of prescribed fire and timber harvest on terrestrial salamander abundance, behavior, and microhabitat use