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    The communication and psychology of identity on mobile dating apps for men who have sex with men
    Communication and sensemaking during the exit phase of socialization
    Communication and use of scientific farm information by farmers in two Taiwan agricultural villages
    Communication frames of hotel managers and their effects on job satisfaction, intent to leave, and job regret
    Communication in a voluntary promotional organization
    Communication of Food-Related Risks
    Communication overload: a phenomenological inquiry into academic reference librarianship
    Communication withdrawal in adolescent and young adult romantic relationships
    Communication, identity, and AA.
    Community college developmental reading teachers’ feelings of teacher self-efficacy and related variables
    Community college student retention : an examination of student pre-entry attributes, academic experiences, and social experiences and the relationship to first-year persistence
    Community development network analysis examining obstacles to rural community development
    Community eclipse and Shanghai's lilong
    Community engagement: spanning boundaries between university and community
    Community Factors in Differential Responses of Child Protective Services
    Community gardening toolkit : a resource for planning, enhancing and sustaining your community gardening project
    Community leadership in a rural trade-centered community and comparison of methods of identifying leaders
    Community multidimensional fall risk screening
    Community Pleasure Trail Riding
    Community readiness assessment : is it an issue?