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    The effect of product involvement on socially responsible consumer behavior
    Effect of progestin treatment on formation of persistent follicles in beef cows [abstract]
    Effect of progestin treatment on formation of persistent follicles in beef heifers [abstract]
    Effect of propranolol on facial processing in autism spectrum disorder
    Effect of Radiotherapy on Nano-Mechanical Properties and Chemical Composition of Tooth Enamel and Dentin
    Effect of Radius on Load Distribution within Mouse Forearm Structure: Experimental and Numerical Analyses
    Effect of Radius on Load/Strain Distribution between Ulna and Radius: Experimental and Numberical Analyses
    The effect of reduced chromatin gene expression on an epigenetically regulated maize gene
    Effect of reduced chromatin gene expression on the epigenetically regulated maize gene, Pl-Blotched [abstract]
    The effect of reform-based science teaching on SES-associated achievement gap on Pisa 2006 : a comparative study of the United States and Taiwan
    Effect of refrigerant spray on orthodontic composite resin-bracket debond strength and associated adhesive remnant index
    Effect of resistance training dose on metabloic responses and behavior habits [abstract]
    The effect of rhythm and melody on language development and sensory organization in children with autism
    The effect of rhythmic pattern instruction on the sight-reading achievement of wind instrumentalists
    The effect of robotic gait assisted therapy on function in patients with stroke [abstract]
    Effect of rootstock on vegetative growth, yield, and fruit composition of Norton grapevines
    Effect of RU486, a progesterone antagonist, on uterine progesterone receptor, embryonic development and ovarian function during early pregnancy in pigs
    Effect of SA 4503 on the locomotor stimulatory and discriminative stimulus properties of psychostimulants
    Effect of Salmonella typhimurium on human cancer line tumors in mice [abstract]
    The effect of school discipline on students' social bonds