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    Ecological Regionalism: A Synthesis of Ecological Economics and Organicist Regionalism
    An ecological study of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) in the Missouri Ozark Highlands: effects of herbivory and harvest, ecological characterization and wild simulated cultivation
    An ecological study of the insects of Crater Creek, Colorado
    An ecological systems approach to reduce children's encounters with obscenity on the internet
    The Ecology and Epidemiology of the Raccoon Roundworm in Baskett Wildlife Area [abstract]
    Ecology and management of cottontail rabbits in Missouri
    Ecology and management of mourning doves in Missouri
    Ecology and Management of White-tailed Deer in Missouri
    Ecology of northern bobwhite quail in Missouri
    Ecomorphological implications of primate dietary variability: an experimental model
    Econometric methods for improved measures of financial risk
    Economic analysis of coal log pipeline transportation of coal
    Economic Analysis of the Impact of Cloning on Improving Dairy Herd Composition
    Economic analysis of woody biomass harvesting in the Missouri Ozarks
    The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Agbiotech: A Global Perspective
    The economic and performance impact of technology adoption
    Economic and social foundations of collective action: an inter-disciplinary institutional approach to Mexican dairy farmers
    The Economic and Social Value of Floodplain Agroforestry to Rural Development
    Economic Aspects of Segregation between GM and Non-GM Crops in Italy
    Economic Base Multipliers and Community Growth