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    Emissions of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane from duckweed systems for stormwater treatment
    Emmy for Ethos
    The emotional and cognitive processing of negative news photographs
    Emotional and cognitive processing of traffic safety messages
    The emotional disturbance identification and special education placement of African American students [abstract]
    Emotional labor in early intervention
    Emotional modulation by food rewards: blink and pinna-flexion reflex amplitude while anticipating and viewing images of food
    The Emotional Response to Risks: Inevitable but Not Unmanageable
    Emotional responsivity in people high and low in trait positive affect
    Empiric Guidelines for the Management of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
    Empirical Analyses of Dynamic Categorical Data
    An empirical analysis of alternative explanations for the female wage gap
    Empirical analysis of household consumption behavior
    An Empirical Analysis of the Demand for Wholesale Pork Primals: Seasonality and Structural Change
    An empirical analysis of the underlying premises of the [abstract]
    An Empirical Analysis of United States Consumers' Concerns About Eight Food Production and Processing Technologies
    Empirical analysis on the impact of private-sector R&D on cotton productivity in India
    An empirical approach to exploring the role of selective incentives in mitigating the free rider problem
    An empirical assessment of the political and gendered consequences of economic sanctions
    Empirical Evidence for Two Distinct Effects: Low-level d-d Fusion in Metals and Anomalous Excess Heat