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    Comparison of three tall fescue-based stocker systems
    Comparison of tumor imaging using antibody pretargeting and conventional methods [abstract]
    A comparison of two cases of low-latitude thundersnow
    A comparison of WDSS storm algorthims [abstract]
    A Comparison Study of Grace-Based Groundwater Modeling for Data-Rich and Data-Scarce Regions
    Comparisons between coverage of heart disease: content analysis of mainstream and black newspapers, 2004
    Compelling evidence to get your influenza vaccine
    Compensation as the Moral Foundation of Jus Post Bellum
    Competency based grading in students' achievement
    Competing agri-environmental paradigms and technology transfer: negotiating the nature of agroforestry in Missouri
    Competing for Customers' Attention: Advertising When Consumers Have Imperfect Memory
    Competing or Collaborating Siblings? Industrial and Trade Policies in India
    The competing policy paradigms of agricultural biotechnology: implications and opportunities for emerging and developing economies
    Competition and management of volunteer corn (Zea Mays L.) in corn
    Competition or cooperation?: a study of the relationship between import penetration and the operation of the U.S. textile and apparel industries from 2002 to 2008
    Competitive development: economic development and the inquiry into power relations in Missouri
    Competitive Effects of Mass Customization
    Competitive learning and joint learning in international joint venture
    Competitor and ally: the Texas Tribune's impact on a depleted Austin press corps
    ComPhy: Prokaryotic Composite Distance Phylogenies Inferred from Whole-Genome Gene Sets