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    Essential Points regarding MU's Digital Humanities
    Essential Points regarding the University of Missouri's MU's Digital Humanities
    An essential role in germline development for a P-granule associated novel protein in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans and RNAi in the ubiquitous parasitic nematode Ascaris suum
    Establishing and Managing Early Successional Habitats for Wildlife on Agricultural Lands
    Establishing and Managing Riparian Forest Buffers
    Establishing Birdsfoot Trefoil in Bluegrass Sod
    Establishing Criteria for the Selection of Music at the Junior High School Level
    Establishing Forages
    Establishing mostly-male bluegill groups and evaluating their growth benefits in indoor rearing systems
    Establishing Permanent Dentofacial Records for Performing Vocalists and Wind Instrumentalists
    Establishing pin oak reproduction in bottomland forests in southeastern Missouri
    Establishing the perimortem interval: correlation between bone moisture content and blunt force trauma characters
    Establishing the status of the American black bear in southern Missouri [abstract]
    Establishing the validity and reliability of the survey of higher education instructional practices in the Millennial Age
    Establishment of a phenotypical model of adverse outcomes associated with assisted reproductive technologies
    Establishment of a Protein Reference Map for Soybean Root Hair Cells
    Establishment of cohort of consecutive ANCA test requests at MU- Preliminary 3 month data review [abstract]
    Establishment of silvopastoral system into a Missouri hardwood forest
    Estate and Capital Gains Taxation: Efficiency and Political Economy Considerations
    The Estimated Economic Impact of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin on New York Dairy Farms for the Years 2994 through 1997