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    Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for GM Food Products in Italy
    Consumers and GM Food Labels: Providing Information or Sowing Confusion?
    Consumers' social media advocacy behaviors of luxury brands : an explanatory framework
    Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Biotech Foods in China: A Contingent Valuation Approach
    Consumers' willingness to purchase genetically modified products with superior benefit when the conventional alternative is risky, and its relationship to GM food
    Contact resistance
    Contacts in a rural community
    The contagion effect of office-level audit failures
    Containment in the City: Boundaries, Bodies, and the Politics of Urban Space
    La contamination de mots français passés en anglais
    The Contemporary American Song Cycle 1945-1968
    Contemporary Landscape Photography: Dissolving Boundaries in Jungjin Lee’s Wind Series
    Contemporary light sources and their impact on the discoloration and oxidation of fresh beef products
    Content Analysis of Consent Forms for Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing
    A content analysis of covering Nepal : how reporting differs between international journalists and local journalists
    A content analysis of reproductive health articles in and
    A content analysis of sex articles in women's and men's lifestyle and health magazines
    A content analytic comparison of news frames in English- and Spanish-language newspapers
    A content analytical study of the portrayals of African Americans and historically black colleges and universities on BET's College Hill
    Content extraction, analysis, and retrieval for plant visual traits studies