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    A comparison of Cicero's style in his early and late orations
    Comparison of CIDR-based protocols to synchronize estrus in beef heifers
    A Comparison of Composers' Approaches to Setting James Joyce's Finnegans Wake to Music (Samuel Barber, John Cage, Andre Hodeir, and Margaret Rogers)
    A comparison of confirmatory factor analysis and task analysis of fluid intelligence cognitive subtests
    Comparison of controlled internal drug release (CIDR)-based protocols to synchronize estrus and facilitate artificial insemination (AI) in postpartum beef cows
    Comparison of different methods for removing metals from resins for applications to radiochemical seperations
    Comparison of different strategies in parathyroid scintigraphy imaging [abstract]
    Comparison of different strategies in parathyroid scintigraphy imaging in the setting of multi-gland hyperparathyroidism [abstract]
    A comparison of distributed leadership readiness in elementary and middle schools
    Comparison of ecological structure of two second order streams [abstract]
    Comparison of electron bands of hexagonal and cubic diamond
    A comparison of embedded links and question links in cognitive flexibility hypertext (CFH) learning environments for problem solving in engineering ethics
    A Comparison of Enclosed Confinement and Outdoor Nursery and Growing-Finishing Systems of Swine Production
    A Comparison of Five Different Editions of Girolamo Frescobaldi's Aria Detta La Frescobalda with a Guitar Transcription
    A comparison of forearm bone mineral density among collegiate gymnasts, distance runners, and non-athletes [abstract]
    A comparison of forest change detection methods and implications for forest management
    A comparison of four resin finished and mill finished cotton fabrics
    A Comparison of Four Systems of Pruning Grapes
    A comparison of grant-funded outdoor classrooms in rural and nonrural Missouri schools
    A Comparison of Guernsey Sires