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    Culturally speaking: media, intimacy, and the vocal dimension of race and gender
    Culturally transcendent, developmental model of multicultural counseling competence: an integration of theories
    Culture factor differences between Missouri's high poverty gold star and high poverty non-gold star schools as determined by the Missouri advanced questionaire
    A culture of audience engagement in the news industry
    Culture of sex: sexual linguistics and discourse of Cosmopolitan editions in the United States, France and India
    The culture wars & political polarization in perspective: why polarization and its perturbations are a persistant [i.e., persistent] puzzle in political science
    Culture, capital and community : gentrification and redevelopment in a St Louis neighborhood
    Culture, sex-role, mutual social support and adult attachment as predictors of Korean couples' relationship satisfaction
    Culverts and Flood Gates
    Curbside consults : a tradition we ought to abandon
    Curcumin regulates transcription in Dictyostelium discoideum
    Cure you or cripple you?
    Current concepts in conservative management of tennis elbow
    Current concepts in the prevention of ankle sprains
    Current Contribution of Four Biotechnologies to New Zealand's Primary Sector
    Current farm policy studies
    Current music practices and teachers' needs for teaching music in public preschools of South Korea
    Current sensing atomic force microscopy study of aging mechanism of the nafion membranes due to thermal annealing
    Current State of the Dairy Industry
    Current State Of The U.S. Agricultural Economy