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    An exploration of the moderating impact of mentorship on the relationship between Christian religious orientation and moral reasoning
    An Exploration of the Origin, Characteristics and Performance Styles of Negro Spirituals
    Exploration of the unique firm resources described by Indian apparel export firms for their competitive advantages
    Explorations in Diversity Series;1
    Explorations of geometric combinatorics in vector spaces over finite fields
    Explorative analysis of two collegiate basketball players and a narrative analysis of post-game comments
    An exploratory and descriptive inquiry into the relationship between the goals of general education and disciplinary content in acting for non-majors courses in colleges and universities in the United States
    Exploratory development of VARIM process for manufacturing high temperature polymer matrix composites
    Exploratory identification of introductory algebra-based physics success factors
    An exploratory qualitative study of the relationship between an educational leader’s emotional intelligence and effective teams
    An exploratory study of culturally responsive teaching practices for students who are ELLs
    An exploratory study of professional development experiences for new middle school science teachers in a suburban school district
    An exploratory study of reform initiatives in relatively small Missouri school districts
    An exploratory study of spatial ability and student achievement in sonography
    An exploratory study of undergraduate classroom experiences and occupational attainment in alumni satisfaction with university experiences
    Exploratory study of victim advocacy practices, strategies, resistance and relationships among crime victim service agencies
    An exploratory survery of reference source instruction in LIS courses.
    Exploring "connectivity" at the college newspaper: can it help explain the success of the collegiate press?
    Exploring ATCP science teachers' inquiry-based and learner-centered practices through the lens of teacher, program, and school context configurations
    Exploring audience responses to self-reflexivity in television narratives