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    Effect of menu-item placement on item-selection frequency [abstract]
    The effect of mGluR2 3 agonist, LY379268, and a mGluR4 positive allosteric modulator, VU0155041, on conditioned taste aversion
    Effect of microglia cell activation on neuronal cells in coculture [abstract]
    The effect of modafinil on psychostimulant-evoked [³H]dopamine release from rat striatal slices
    The effect of modality and response strategy on evaluations of credibility and reputation
    The Effect of Monetary Policy on Economic Output
    Effect of motivation on teaching conversational skills to children with autism
    Effect of Multiple Plane Turning of Eggs During Incubation on Hatchability
    The Effect of Musical Training, Gender, and Music Curriculum on Music Aptitude Test Results of Eighth and Ninth Grade Choral Students
    Effect of mutations on Ste13p protein trafficking in yeast [abstract]
    The Effect of NASDA's "Meat the Need" Proposal on Livestock and Dairy Markets
    The Effect of National Association of State Departments of Agriculture's "Meat the Need" Proposal on Livestock and Dairy Markets
    The effect of nutrition on insect behavior [abstract]
    The effect of oil on permeability of Portland cement mortar
    Effect of oil on Portland cement mortar
    The effect of organizational structure on firm first day underpricing, long-term performance: evidence from U.S. biotech initial public offerings from 1996 to 2004
    Effect of ovulatory follicle size on bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins in beef cattle
    Effect of ovulatory follicle size on luteal function, pregnancy rate, and late embryonic/fetal mortality in beef cattle
    Effect of ovulatory follicle size on steroidogenic capacity, molecular markers of oocyte competence and bovine pregnancy associated with glycoproteins in beef cows
    The effect of oxy-fuel combustion with simulated flue gas recycle on NOx formation and flame stability in a 20 kW coal and coal/biomass combustor [abstract]