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    Videofluoroscopic characterization of swallowing impairment in mouse models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and advanced aging [1]
    The view from the other side of the aisle : congressional party switchers and their environments [1]
    A view from within: a case of innovation and faculty experience at one Midwestern college [1]
    Views of the library: a regional study in selected Missouri and Colorado libraries [1]
    Views of the press and media strategies of Missouri state legislators: Statehouse reporter with the Jefferson City News Tribune [1]
    The Vikramāṅkadevacarita mahākāvya [1]
    Vikramāṅkābhyudayam : a historical Sanskrit campū [1]
    The violent Mr. Hyde versus feminism: horror cinema's response to female sexuality in film adaptations of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [1]
    Viscous lidocaine no better than placebo at improving fluid intake for kids with infectious oral ulcers [1]
    The Vision Research Center of Kansas City [1]
    Visual facticity and the technological gaze : [1]
    Visual gene-network analysis reveals the cancer gene co-expression in human endometrial cancer [1]
    Visual recognition using hybrid camera [1]
    Visualization of recommendation system results in a relation-preserving space [1]
    Visualizing biochemical networks with Netview [1]
    Visualizing Geographies of Perceived Safety: An Exploration of Muslim Women's Experiences in Public Space [1]
    The vital role of patient feedback in the critical assessment of a patient-centered care objective structured clinical examination [1]
    Vitamin C for pregnant smokers [1]
    Vitamin E and Selenium in Swine Rations [1]
    Vitamin Requirements of Swine [1]