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    Defending states and protecting individuals : a critical examination of the principle of nonintervention
    A defense of Alvin Plantinga's evolutionary argument against naturalism
    A defense of moral perception
    Definición de la Astrononomica Temprana del Sitio de Buena Vista
    Defining and Testing EMR Usability: Principles and Proposed Methods of EMR Usability Evaluation and Rating
    Defining autism subgroups: A taxometric solution [abstract]
    Defining characteristics of online-only news websites: a case study on the St. Louis Beacon
    Defining professionalism in the health sciences
    Defining the SMART Grid for Electric Utilities [abstract]
    Defining the southern in Southern living
    Defining the therapeutic window in spinal muscular atrophy :
    Defining the value of prepartum propylene glycol administration in transition dairy cows [abstract]
    Definition of improper groups by means of axioms : a dissertation
    Definition of VPU sensitivity using a model VPU target and role of hydrophobicity of the membrane spanning domain in the viral envelope glycoprotein fusogenicity
    Deflationism and the Normativity of Truth
    Deformation mapping of fibronectin fibrils using digital image correlation
    Defrocking the National Board
    Defusing Public Decision : A Way to Minimize Controversy While Facilitating Public Decision Making
    Degendering and regendering: recomposing masculinities through anti-sexist masculinity projects
    Degenerate ground states and nonunique potentials: Breakdown and restoration of density functionals