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    Continuing Bonds, Meaning Making, and Collectivism: Predictors of Complicated Grief
    Continuing Change in Southwest Missouri: The Creation of New Opportunities
    Continuing inequity: the conveyance of white supremacy in the education policy speeches of President Barack Obama
    Continuing the Effort
    Continuity Analysis: Exposition, First Movement Symphony no. 1, C Minor, Johannes Brahms
    Continuity, Function, and Rhythmic Structure Analysis of Sonata in G Minor by G. Tartini, First Movement
    “Continuous Form” by Henry Finch, and “Know/Don't Know” by Kate Asche
    Continuous Monitoring of Tissue Regrowth Using Optical Biosensors
    The continuous supercritical water gasification of spirulina and the use of a positive displacement feeding system
    Continuous use of the vaginal contraception ring is well tolerated
    Continuum elasticity theory of edge waves in a two-dimensional electron liquid with finite-range interactions
    Continuum mechanics for quantum many-body systems: Linear response regime
    Contolling nuisance : bats
    Contract production of turkeys
    Contracting for Consistency: Hog Quality and the Use of Marketing Contracts
    Contraction and decoupling inequalities for multilinear forms and u-statistics
    Contracts and the Institutional Environment for Electricity Reform
    Contracts in agriculture
    Contrasting smokers' and nonsmokers' subjective reactions to alcohol during ecologically assessed drinking episodes
    Contributing factors for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine acceptance among African American young adults