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    Finite element analysis and experimental validation of reinforced concrete single-mat slabs subjected to blast loads [1]
    Finite Element Analysis of patient specific Sacroiliac joint [1]
    Finite element analysis of residual stress generation during spot welding and its affect on fatigue behavior of spot welded joints [1]
    Finite element modeling of the intervertebral disc [abstract] [1]
    Finite point configurations and projection theorems in vector spaces over finite fields [1]
    Finite time blow up for a Navier-Stokes like equation [1]
    Finite Width and Local Field Corrections to Spin Coulomb Drag in a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electron Gas [1]
    Fire drills [1]
    Fire effects and litter accumulation dynamics in a montane longleaf pine ecosystem [1]
    Fire pond and new poems [1]
    Fire risk assessment of the western portion of the central hardwoods forest region [1]
    Firefly: web-based interactive tool for the visualization and validation of image processing algorithms [1]
    A Firework of H2 Knots in the planetary nebula NGC 7293 (The Helix Nebula) [1]
    Firm access to capital markets in Europe [1]
    Firm strategy and knowledge management in strategic supply chain relationships: a knowledge-based view [1]
    The firm, uncertainty, and entrepreneurship [1]
    First American library pioneer in India [1]
    The First and second Dalhousie manuscripts : poems and prose [1]
    First Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Mercantile Library Hall Company [1]
    First Books Month: Anne-Marie Thompson Reads from and Talks about Audiation [1]