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    A Cross-Cultural Examination of Women in the Orchestras of West Germany and the United States: An Attitudinal and Statistical Analysis
    Cross-cutting knowledge organizations as leverages of entrepreneurial activity
    Cross-over mechanism of the melting transition in monolayers of alkanes adsorbed on graphite and the universality of energy scaling
    A cross-sectional study of engineering majors' self-efficacy
    Cross-species RNA interference: Selected Ascaris dsRNAs can sterilize Caenorhabditis [abstract]
    Cross-species RNAi: dermas from two Ascaris genes sterilize Caenorhabditis [abstract]
    Cross-species RNAi: Selected Ascaris summ dsRNAs can sterilize Caenorhabditis elegans [abstract]
    Crossbreeding Systems for Small Herds of Beef Cattle
    Crossing educational borders : the impact of international experiences on teachers
    Crossing the school house gates: a media access audit of public high schools
    Crowd pleasin' rice and red beans [recipe]
    The crown gall disease of the apple : a discussion of the malady in general as applied to Missouri : experiments with the disease
    Cruciate ligament pathogenesis and its role in the initiation and progression of osteoarthritis
    Crude Oil and Stock Markets: Stability, Instability, and Bubbles
    Cruise Flight Optimization of a Commercial Aircraft with Winds
    Crunchy and fruity yogurt parfait [recipe]
    Crustal stress across the northern Arabian plate and the relationship with the plate boundary forces
    Crying in the wilderness : the outlaw and poet in Ben Hecht's militant Zionism
    Cryptogram (2011) for wind ensemble