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    Exact physics-based modeling and animation of highly flexible 1D mechanical systems
    Exaggerated certainty
    An examination of a district-wide implementation of professional learning communities through the lenses of leadership capacity and student learning
    Examination of a peer-mediated intervention as a method for the generalization of social skills among youth with high-functioning autism
    An examination of ad clutter and task orientation on avoidance of social media advertising : a psychological reactance perspective
    Examination of EEG spectra to identify markers/predictors of apneic events in obstructive sleep apnea
    Examination of effects of ultraviolet radiation and hydrolysis on Kevlar-49 using Raman spectroscopy [abstract]
    Examination of exogenous estrogenic chemical exposure and altered fetal nutrition in the CD-1 mouse fetus
    Examination of Gbx2 function in zebrafish development [abstract]
    Examination of host genetic determinants of the hypersensitive response in Nicotiana edwardsonii to CaMV and TMV
    An examination of how extended field experiences, integrated coursework, and school partnerships influenced the development of four first year teachers' literacy beliefs and practice
    An examination of how principals lead instructional change in rural high schools
    An examination of how teachers use curriculum materials for the teaching of proof in high school geometry
    An examination of learner-centered professional development for reluctant teachers
    Examination of metabolic and regulatory networks of desulfovibrio species
    An examination of methods used to teach practice strategies in the college voice studio
    Examination of mu-Opioid Receptor Activation in the Nucleus Accumbens on Baseline Diet Preferences in Rats Selectively Bred to Run Long or Short Distances
    An examination of music student teaching seminars at midwestern universities
    Examination of neonatal immunity in IL-13 receptor alpha 1 deficient mice
    An examination of organizational and nursing factors impacting patient risk detection