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    Deskbook of the School of Journalism (6th edition)
    Deskbook of the School of Journalism (7th edition)
    Deskbook of the School of Journalism (8th edition)
    Deskbook of the School of Journalism, 9th edition, 1928
    Desperately seeking mentors: the impact of department-level and gender related characteristics on mentoring in graduate department of sociology
    Destructive state interest and panhellenism in Thucydides
    Detecting change-points in a Compound Poisson Process
    Detecting fluorescence in molecular rotors due to shear stress in a flow chamber [abstract]
    Detecting genomic elements of extreme conservation in higher eukaryotes by integration of hash mapping and cache-oblivious in-memory computing
    Detecting microRNA (miRNA) using nanopore single molecule detector
    Detection and characterization of engineered nano-materials and other chemical contaminants in foods
    Detection and modeling of bat species occupancy at multiple scales across a forested landscape in southeastern Missouri
    A detection based sport player tracker
    Detection of a Far-Infrared Bow-Shock Nebula Around R Hya: the First MIRIAD Results
    Detection of CD4 and CD8 t-lymphocytes and HER2 breast cancer biomarker using the opto-fluidic ring resonator biosensor
    Detection of circulating breast cancer cells using photoacoustic flow cytometry
    Detection of cold flow properties of diesel and biodiesel fuel using optical sensor
    Detection of diesel leakage from underground storage tank using time domain reflectometry
    Detection of engineered nanoparticles by SERS
    Detection of forchlorfenuron in grapes by surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography