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    Crop Production Cost and Outlook
    Crop rotations for Missouri soils
    Crop Yields in Relation to Soil pH as Modified by Liming Acid Soils
    Crop/nutrient considerations for biosolids
    Cropping systems and soil fertility
    Cropping systems for soil conservation
    Cropping systems in relation to erosion control
    The Cropsey Maniac
    Cross correlation calculations and neutron scattering analysis for portable solid state neutron detection system
    Cross Pollination from Genetically Engineered Corn: Wind Transport and Seed Source
    Cross-cultural and experiential learning in El Salvador for extension specialists : lessons learned in the field
    Cross-cultural audience comprehension and engagement : a study of the effects of data visualization
    Cross-cultural coping in a Taiwanese cultural context: a qualitative study of Filipina immigrants' utilization of coping strategies within a cross-cultural transition
    A cross-cultural examination of religious skepticism [abstract]
    A Cross-Cultural Examination of Women in the Orchestras of West Germany and the United States: An Attitudinal and Statistical Analysis
    Cross-cutting knowledge organizations as leverages of entrepreneurial activity
    Cross-over mechanism of the melting transition in monolayers of alkanes adsorbed on graphite and the universality of energy scaling
    A cross-sectional study of engineering majors' self-efficacy
    Cross-species RNA interference: Selected Ascaris dsRNAs can sterilize Caenorhabditis [abstract]
    Cross-species RNAi: dermas from two Ascaris genes sterilize Caenorhabditis [abstract]