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    Detection of a Far-Infrared Bow-Shock Nebula Around R Hya: the First MIRIAD Results
    Detection of CD4 and CD8 t-lymphocytes and HER2 breast cancer biomarker using the opto-fluidic ring resonator biosensor
    Detection of circulating breast cancer cells using photoacoustic flow cytometry
    Detection of cold flow properties of diesel and biodiesel fuel using optical sensor
    Detection of diesel leakage from underground storage tank using time domain reflectometry
    Detection of engineered nanoparticles by SERS
    Detection of food contaminants by SERS and nanopore technology
    Detection of forchlorfenuron in grapes by surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography
    Detection of forchlorfenuron in grapes by surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy and HPLC
    Detection of Leptospira interrogans in fixed equine eyes affected with end-stage equine recurrent uveitis
    Detection of microrna expression in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded materials with fluorescent in situ hybridization [abstract]
    The detection of potentially harmful hand postures in pianists using Kinect depth images
    Detection of Sad genes in various species of Neurospora
    The detection of syngamin, an indigenous plant hormone, by culture of immature corn embryos
    Detection of the gravitomagnetic field using an orbiting superconducting gravity gradiometer. Theoretical principles
    Detection of Tubes in Radiographs Using Canny Edge Detection and Progressive Hough Transforms
    Detection of viable escherichia coli in environmental water using a combined propidium monoazide staining-real-time PCR
    Detection of viable Escherichia coli O157:H7 in food by propidium monoazide real-time polymerase chain reaction
    Detector Paralysis Factor and Dead-time Measurements [abstract]
    Deterioration in frozen pork as related to fat composition, storage temperature, length of storage period and packaging treatment