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    Design and demonstration of a thermoelectric generator to power a wireless sensor [abstract]
    Design and development of a polyhedral borane drug delivery system for the small-molecule antimetabolite 5-fluorouracil
    Design and development of nanoenergetic materials with tunable combustion characteristics [abstract]
    Design and Evaluation of HIV Microbicides Loaded mucoadhesive Nanoformulation
    Design and Experimental Study of a Dual Vircator Microwave Source
    Design and fabrication of one and two axis nickel electroplated micromirror array
    Design and implementation of a middleware for ad-hoc multi-hop networking on Android
    Design and implementation of a portable prTorrent simulator system
    The design and implementation of an endoscopic enabled mouth gag
    Design and implementation of orthopedic trauma surgery rehabilitation and health monitoring system (OTSRS)
    Design and optical characterization of gallium arsenide aluminum arsenide material system reflective modulators for mid-infrared free space optical applications using solid-source molecular beam epitaxy
    Design and optimization of a Mars sample return mission with nuclear thermal rockets
    Design and optimization of dissipative elastic metamaterials and their applications for broadband blast and shockwave mitigation
    Design and optimization of nanoformulation loaded with HIV microbicides
    Design and simulation analysis of MEMS parallel plate capacitor models for voltage conversion and power harvesting
    Design and simulation of a compact radiating system for high power microwaves in the 4 to 6 GHz range
    Design and synthesis of biocompatible gold nanoparticles [abstract]
    Design and testing of a hair measurement beta-gauge.
    Design and testing of a prototype solar sanitizer
    Design and testing of heat pipes [abstract]