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    Finding Solutions to Ethical Problems in Agriculture
    Finding the cost of freedom: academic freedom discourse as it pertains to the part-time instructor in higher education
    Finding what works: managing resources to facilitate coparenting in unmarried families
    Findings from Year Two of the External Evaluation of the Healthy & Active Communities Initiative
    Fine art and traditional quilting [abstract]
    Fine-grained authorization in the Great Plains network virtual organization
    Fine-Granularity Transmission Distortion Modeling for Video Packet Scheduling Over Mesh Networks
    Fine-structure QTL mapping of suppressor of plant blotching1 in maize [abstract]
    Finger injuries in sports
    Fingernails on the Blackboard: is it Fair Use?
    Fingerprint recognition [abstract]
    Finisci l'ultimo canto
    Finite element analysis and experimental comparison of doubly reinforced concrete slabs subjected to blast loads
    Finite element analysis and experimental validation of reinforced concrete single-mat slabs subjected to blast loads
    Finite Element Analysis of patient specific Sacroiliac joint
    Finite element analysis of residual stress generation during spot welding and its affect on fatigue behavior of spot welded joints
    Finite element modeling of the intervertebral disc [abstract]
    Finite point configurations and projection theorems in vector spaces over finite fields
    Finite time blow up for a Navier-Stokes like equation
    Finite Width and Local Field Corrections to Spin Coulomb Drag in a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electron Gas