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    Fast optical signal detected in the prefrontal lobe with near-infrared spectroscopy during sleep
    Fast talk & flush times : the confidence man as a literary convention
    A fast, 3 MV Marx generator for megavolt oil switch testing and integrated Abramyan network design
    The fat and lipase content of the liver
    Father absence, paternal investment, and alloparental investment effects on children's educational attainment in rural Bangladesh
    Father-daughter relationship and teen pregnancy: an examination of adolescent females raised in homes without biological fathers
    Fathers' perceptions of co-parenting and contact with nonresidential children [abstract]
    Fathers, mothers, members, and outsiders: analysis of social power and authority relations in the Peoples Temple and the Church Universal and Triumphant
    Fatigue evaluation of mast-arm system under simulated wind loads [abstract]
    Fatigue testing of steel and fiber reinforced bridge deck slabs [abstract]
    Fatty acid variation between forage species and within populations and fatty acid content of beef finished on pasture with different forage species
    The fatty acids present in human milk
    A fault detection scheme for modeled and unmodeled faults in a simple hydraulic actuator system using an extended Kalman filter
    Fault evolution and earthquakes: a finite element study
    Fault segmentation and paleoseismicity along the North Wutaishan Fault of the Shanxi Graben System, China
    Fault tolerant and highly available entitlement server
    FDI and economic growth: the role of stock market liberalization and trade liberalization
    Fear and Hope over the Third Generation of Agricultural Biotechnology: Analysis of Public Response in the Federal Register
    Fear in the media: a comparative analysis of U. S. and British news media coverage of a terrorist threat
    Fearing Fear: Communication about Agricultural Biotechnology