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    Development of a motor unit number estimation technique in normal dogs: a potential biomarker for canine degenerative myelopathy
    Development of a nanomaterial-tissue patch for vascular and cardiac reconstruction
    Development of a novel immunoassay for simultaneous quantification of endocrine parameters
    Development of a novel probiotic fortified protein bar
    Development of a novel probiotic-fortified soy energy bar containing decreased [alpha]-galactosides
    Development of a novel radioiodinated dermorphin analog for mu opioid receptor studies [abstract]
    Development of a parent-teacher relationship survey
    Development of a PCR assay to genotype aromatase knockout mice [abstract]
    Development of a pH sensitive coumarin based chemosensor
    Development of a plant protein phosphorylation database and a web-based protein phosphorylation prediction tool
    Development of a pneumatic three finger gripper that will incorperate a force feedback control system [abstract]
    Development of a portable cortisol biosensor [abstract]
    Development of a portable source for production of Re-188
    Development of a post-traumatic osteoarthritis model to evaluate the effects of impact velocity and maximum strain on articular cartilage cell viability, matrix biomarkers, and material properties
    Development of a practical model for school leaders using elementary student data to predict high school dropout risk
    Development of a predictive model for the design of parts fabricated by fused deposition modeling
    Development of a pregnancy associated glycoprotein assay to detect late embryonic mortality in cattle
    Development of a protocol for the maintenance and mineralization of osteoblasts from oim mice [abstract]
    Development of a RF Class E amplifier to power a ferroelectric plasma thruster [abstract]
    Development of a rhodium tetrathioether bombesin analogue and investigation of cyclic and acyclic ligand systems for 105Rh(III)