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    Determining the spatial and temporal requirement of the dunce cAMP-phosphodiesterase in behavior [abstract]
    Determining the Spring to Summer Transition in the Missouri Ozarks Using Synoptic Scale Atmospheric Data
    Determining the structural dynamics of MMP-3/TIMP complex from NMR relaxation
    Determining the structure of psychiatric visit adherence [abstract]
    Determining the viability and effectiveness of a roughing biofilter for use in drinking water treatment plants
    Determining timber cost basis
    Determining whether mate-searching males use directional information from female signals in Umbonia crassicornis
    Determinism; as the ground of moral faith
    Deterring true believers: perffect [sic] deterrence theory, capability and the problem of Al Qaeda
    Detrimental Determinants: The Impacts of Neoliberalism on Pro-Environmental Behaviors
    Developing a Comprehensive Curricular Model with Multi-Level Outcomes for Academic Instruction in the High School Choral Ensemble
    Developing a computer coding scheme for the implicit achievement motive
    Developing a farm newsletter
    Developing a HIPAA compliant EMR system: TigerPlace case study
    Developing a model of psychiatric visit non-adherence
    Developing a non-destructive evaluation technique using resonance ultrasound spectroscopy for fission based target
    Developing a nowcasting technique for splitting supercells by analyzing rapid update cycle model data [abstract]
    Developing a parenting plan : a guide for divorcing parents
    Developing a policy for low-level presence (LLP): a Canadian case study
    Developing a stand density module in LANDIS to improve simulation realism of stand dynamics