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    Crystallization of amorphous silicon by self-propagation of nanoengineered thermites
    CSISE: cloud-based semantic image search engine
    Cual su eleccion?
    Cuando los Negros Luchaban (the Black Struggle): 1965 U.S. invasion of the Dominican Republic [abstract]
    Cuboid syndrome
    Cue the disgust: the effect of smoking cues and disgusting images in anti-tobacco advertisements on smokers' and nicotine-withdrawn smokers' psychophysiological responses, smoking urges, and intent to quit smoking
    Cued affective modulation of startle reflex as a measure of emotion regulation
    Los cuerpos fuertes necesitan huesos fuertes
    Culinary Preparation and Use of Soybeans and Soybean Flour
    Culinology applications to a convenient and economic frozen dinner set
    Culling the Commercial Cow Herd: BIF Fact Sheet
    The cult of Rodin: words, photographs, and colonial history in the spread of Auguste Rodin's reputation in northeast Asia
    Cultivating a landscape for food justice: an exploratory study of community food security measurement to inform community-based intervention strategies
    Cultura y colegio: Latina/o cultural values, acculturation, cultural fit, psychological well-being and academic persistence in Mexican American college students
    Cultural analysis of hero frames in American and North Korean media: focusing on tragedy and glorification
    Cultural and Social Influences on the Female Mathematics Graduate Students at the University of Kansas in the 1890s
    The cultural commodification of identity: hip-hop authenticity
    Cultural events
    Cultural framing of diabetes from a public health perspective: a comparative content analysis