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    Developing Marking Policies
    Developing media literate students
    Developing National Geospatial Data Standards
    Developing neural network applications using LabVIEW
    Developing new fitted closure approximations for short-fiber reinforced polymer composites
    Developing new markets for Missouri butterfat
    Developing PCK for Teaching Teachers through a Mentored Internship in Teacher Professional Development
    Developing pedagogical content knowledge for teaching the nature of scienc: Lesson from a mentor-mentee relationship
    Developing pedagogical content knowledge for teaching the nature of science: Lesson from a mentor-mentee relationship
    Developing proteomics approaches for identifying new, redox-regulated proteins
    Developing semiautonomous system for robust performance of centrifugal pumping system
    Developing Social Capitals Latino Immigrants in Three Rural Missouri Communities
    Developing the landscape plan
    Developing the Project TWIST[trademark] Test for Project Leaders and Team Members
    Developing, implementing, and assessing coupled-tank experiments in an undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum
    The development and adaptation of the computer aided environment to facilitate industrial energy audits
    Development and analysis of ZnO-based semiconductor photodetectors for UV detection
    Development and application of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry techniques to investigate platinum chemotherapy agents
    Development and application of variable rate irrigation techniques on non-uniform soils using center-pivot irrigation systems
    Development and application of vegetative buffer width modeling using geographic information systems