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    Development of a combined dilatometer and mass spectrometer system for studying gas phase chemistry and kinetics during sintering
    Development of a composite acellular tissue graft for musculoskeletal tissue engineering
    Development of a flexible image-based approach for studying signal transduction in isolated arterioles
    Development of a fluorescence based viscosity sensor for medical applications
    Development of a fluorescence resonance energy transfer optical nanoscale biosensor based on a liquid-core waveguide platform
    Development of a fluorescence-based protease biosensor using nanoscale platforms
    Development of a FRET biosensor to detect the pathogen mycoplasma capricolum
    Development of a gigawatt repetitive pulse modulator and high-pressure switch test stand and results from high-pressure switch tests
    Development of a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) biosensor utilizing liquid core waveguides
    Development of a large-scale traffic simulation model for hurricane evacuation: a case study of Virginia's Hampton Roads region
    Development of a modular platform for ad hoc networking on Android
    Development of a motor unit number estimation technique in normal dogs: a potential biomarker for canine degenerative myelopathy
    Development of a nanomaterial-tissue patch for vascular and cardiac reconstruction
    Development of a novel immunoassay for simultaneous quantification of endocrine parameters
    Development of a novel probiotic fortified protein bar
    Development of a novel probiotic-fortified soy energy bar containing decreased [alpha]-galactosides
    Development of a novel radioiodinated dermorphin analog for mu opioid receptor studies [abstract]
    Development of a parent-teacher relationship survey
    Development of a PCR assay to genotype aromatase knockout mice [abstract]
    Development of a pH sensitive coumarin based chemosensor