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    Extension theorems in vector spaces over finite fields
    Extension's Energy Efficiency Programs for Residential and Developers [abstract]
    Extensions of a maximum entropy estimated Markov decision process in the United States agricultural economy
    An Extensive New Literature Concerning Low-Dose Effects of Bisphenol A Shows the Need for a New Risk Assessment
    The Extent to which Potential Benefits to EU Farmers of Adopting Transgenic Crops are Reduced by Cost of Compliance with Coexistence Regulations
    External equity financing of agrifood firms
    External Genitalia-Female
    External Genitalia-Male
    Externally advised real estate investment trusts [abstract]
    Externally advised REITs to internally advised REITs [abstract]
    Extinction of fear in the amygdala: Justification and development of a neuron model [abstract]
    Extracellular ATP, apyrase and nodulation of non-legumes
    Extracting a Common Stochastic Trend: Theory with Some Applications
    Extracting extremal features from 3D volume data
    The Extraction and Recovery of Radium from Low Grade American Pitchblende Ores
    Extracurricular activity programming for grades 6th-8th in a mid-western school district: a program evaluation
    Extracurricular/ co-curricular preparations and the relationship to leadership styles of K-12 administrators
    Extrarenal Passages
    Extremely extended dust shells around evolved intermediate mass stars: probing mass loss histories, thermal pulses and stellar evolution
    An extremely small and efficient identification scheme