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    Development of a stably transfected cell line to screen for potential endocrine disrupting chemicals [abstract]
    Development of a Telemetry Unit for Wireless Monitoring of Bone Strain
    Development of a two-dimensional human thermal model for EVA applications
    Development of Absorption and Fluorescence Probes Based on Mouse Model for Molecular Optical Imaging [abstract]
    Development of advanced chemometric methods for analysis of deep-ultraviolet resonance Raman and circular dichroism spectroscopic data for protein secondary structure determination
    Development of advanced chemometric methods for the analysis of deep-UV resonance Raman spectra of proteins
    Development of Advanced Delivery Systems for Microbicides
    Development of algal membrane bioreactor technology for wastewater treatment and polishing
    Development of an assay to measure cortisol using a standard glucose meter
    Development of an in vitro model of quail vasculogenesis [abstract]
    Development of an in-vitro model of equine corneal wound healing ; pharmacologic and gene therapy modalities in the reduction of corneal fibrosis
    Development of an integrated approach combining artificial neural network material based on modeling with finite element analysis of forming processes
    Development of an integrated forest management decision support system: integrating the LANDIS model and ArcGIS
    Development of an online planning tool for designing terrace layouts
    Development of biological hip resurfacing in dogs
    Development of biospecimen sample preparation techniques for molecular imaging using ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry [abstract]
    Development of breast tissue phantoms for multimodality molecular imaging [abstract]
    Development of cancer targeted Nampt inhibitors
    Development of CAPS markers for Nicotiana
    Development of chick embryo explant cultures as an assay system to test mammalian stem cell migration and differentiation after transplantation