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    Development of MURR flux trap model for simulation and prediction of sample loading reactivity worth and isotope production
    The Development of Musical Literature for the Violin in the Baroque Period
    The Development of Musicianship in Junior High Incorporating the Kodaly Philosophy
    Development of new dielectric materials for pulsed power applications
    Development of novel bionanocomposite scaffolds
    Development of novel breast cancer-targeted spect imaging peptides by phage display
    Development of on-chip initiation and measurement method for flame velocity self-propagating of thermites [abstract]
    The development of online self-regulated learning model and initial validation of human interaction component of online self-regulated learning
    Development of optical models for non-invasive glucose testing [abstract]
    Development of p- and y- Multipliers for Design of Slope Stabilizing Piles
    The development of PCK in a post-baccalaureate certification program : a longitunal study of the development of teacher knowledge of students as learners and assessment
    The development of pedagogical content knowledge of a mathematics teaching intern: the role of collaboration, curriculum, and classroom context
    Development of Pentablock Copolymer Based Formulations for the Sustained Delivery of Protein Therapeutics in the Treatment of Posterior Segment Ocular Diseases
    Development of polymeric nanoparticulate formulation encapsulating protein molecules following hydrophobic ion pairing complexation
    Development of post-traumatic osteoarthritis models to evaluate the effects of impact injury on joint health for clinical disease treatment and prevention
    Development of preservice elementary teachers science self-efficacy beliefs and its relation to science conceptual understanding
    Development of protected areas : agriculture, conservation, and political decentralization in the La Amistad Pacific Conservation Area of Costa Rica
    The Development of Public Piano Performance in the United States From 1730-1860
    The development of railroads in Missouri to 1860
    The development of religious education in the Baptist Sunday schools of the United States