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    Altered nuclear gene expression in response to mitochondrial mutations in maize [abstract]
    Alternate voices in the contemporary Latin American narrative
    Alternative Bayesian Estimators for Vector-Autoregressive Models
    Alternative certification science teachers' understanding and implementation of inquiry-based instruction in their beginning years of teaching
    Alternative Crops in Double-Crop Systems for Missouri
    An alternative derivation of the gravitomagnetic clock effect
    Alternative Feeds for Beef Cows and Stockers
    An alternative futures analysis of Flathead County, Montana: evaluating tradeoffs among economic growth, land use policy and land use change
    Alternative RNA processing and strategies to modulate splicing
    Alternative Sentencing & Strategies for Successful Prisoner Reentry
    Alternative tillage and nitrogen management options to increase crop production and reduce nitrous oxide emissions from claypan soils
    An alternative to oral NSAIDs for acute musculoskeletal injuries
    An alternative to warfarin for patients with PE
    Alternative transcripts of the RPS4 resistance gene in Arabidopsis: Do they produce truncated proteins?
    Alternative translation and alternative RNA processing mechanism in parvovirus RNA processing
    Alternatively certified and traditionally certified secondary school mathematics teachers' student success on the Missouri Assessment Program
    Alternatively certified mathematics teachers: factors that contribute to changes in instruction over time
    Alternatively certified teacher induction : an examination of current practice in Souteast Missouri
    Alternatively certified teacher induction: an examination of current practice in Southeast Missouri
    Altmetrics: A look at a moving target...