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    Adenovirus-36 antibody status and BMI comparison among obese Missouri adolescents
    The adequacy of synthetic rations for the growth of chicks
    Adfreeq: a Social Networking Classified Ad application for Newspapers
    Adi Shankara at Mandhata and Mahishmati
    Adi Shankara Goes To School
    Adjustable speed drive bearing fault detection via support vector machine incorporating feature selection using genetic algorithm
    Administration of apocynin in drinking water ameliorates transient cerebral ischemia-induced brain damage and behavioral deficits in mice
    Administrative Guidelines for a Vacation Music School at First Baptist Church, Oak Grove, MO.
    Administrative Rules Procedure
    Administrative Rules Procedure 2004
    Adobe materials for structural walls
    Adolescent friendship quality and emotional adjustment: examining the role of mothers' own friendships
    Adolescent sexting : an examination of the psychosocial contributions to the creation and sharing of sexual images
    Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Pediatric Primary Care
    Adolescent suicide attempts and alcohol use: a developmental psychopathology perspective
    Adolph R. and Augusta W. (Richter) Krause and their Descendants (1860-2009)
    Adolph R. Krause and Augusta W. (Richter) Krause and their descendants (1860-2009)
    Adopters of new farm ideas : characteristics and communications behavior
    Adoption and diffusion of agrobiotechnologies in the US cotton production
    The Adoption and Diffusion of GM Crops in United States: A Real Option Approach