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    Hierarchical spatio-temporal models for environmental processes [1]
    High accuracy in 3D reconstruction by fusion of IMU and imaging data: application in health medicine [1]
    High Availability and Scalability Schemes for Software- Defined Networks (SDN) [1]
    High Corruption Income in Ming and Qing China [1]
    A high efficiency ejector refrigeration system [1]
    High Energy D2 Bond from Feynman'sIntegral Wave Equation [1]
    High field and Coulomb interaction effects on spin injection in degenerate semiconductors [1]
    High performance concrete [abstract] [1]
    High phosphorus rapidly increase squash root magnesium, sodium and calcium concentration [1]
    High pressure spectroscopic studies of organic device materials [1]
    High quality professional development school: a case study of a leadership team's processes and actions [1]
    High Resolution Crystal Structure of KD-247, a Humanized Antibody that Inhibits HIV Entry [abstract] [1]
    The High School Boys' Choir Organizational Problems and Graded TTBB Materials [1]
    High School Mathematics: State-Level Curriculum Standards and Graduation Requirements [1]
    High school physical education and sport participation: impact on young adult physical activity behaviors [1]
    High school principal communication and organizational knwoledge [sic] creation [1]
    High school records and reports [1]
    High School Social Studies Teachers Beliefs and Education for Democratic Citizenship [1]
    High Speed and Low Power Pipelined ADC Design for MRI Application [1]
    High Speed Production of Large Coal to Facilitate Easier and More Effective Cleaning [1]