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    Determining the function of SNC1 in Arabidopsis plants
    Determining the impact of usability issues of primary care physicians by expertise when using an electronic health record
    Determining the mechanism of NF C-terminal mediated radial growth of myelinated axons
    Determining the needs for health-related services and level of community participation for Missourians living with epilepsy [abstract]
    Determining the relations between canine crown height and root basal diameters and root length: implications for the hominin fossil record
    Determining the relative effects of volumetric water content and dry density on the dielectric constant of soils
    Determining the spatial and temporal requirement of the dunce cAMP-phosphodiesterase in behavior [abstract]
    Determining the Spring to Summer Transition in the Missouri Ozarks Using Synoptic Scale Atmospheric Data
    Determining the structural dynamics of MMP-3/TIMP complex from NMR relaxation
    Determining the structure of psychiatric visit adherence [abstract]
    Determining the viability and effectiveness of a roughing biofilter for use in drinking water treatment plants
    Determining timber cost basis
    Determining whether mate-searching males use directional information from female signals in Umbonia crassicornis
    Determinism; as the ground of moral faith
    Deterring true believers: perffect [sic] deterrence theory, capability and the problem of Al Qaeda
    Detrimental Determinants: The Impacts of Neoliberalism on Pro-Environmental Behaviors
    Developing a Comprehensive Curricular Model with Multi-Level Outcomes for Academic Instruction in the High School Choral Ensemble
    Developing a computer coding scheme for the implicit achievement motive
    Developing a farm newsletter
    Developing a HIPAA compliant EMR system: TigerPlace case study