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    For patients with glucose intolerance, what medications reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes?
    For patients with hypothyroidism, is there any clinical benefit to combining T3 replacement with T4 therapy?
    For patients with vitamin D deficiency, what is the appropriate replacement dose?
    For pregnant women who smoke, is nicotine replacement therapy more effective than counseling or no intervention for achieving successful smoking cessation?
    For stenosis of a single coronary artery, is stenting more effective than medical management?
    For the Approval Process of GMOs: The Japanese Case
    For the initial management of dyspepsia, what strategy is best to prevent recurrent dyspepsia/gastritis?
    For those intolerant to ACE inhibitors and ARBs, what is the best therapy for reducing the risk of diabetic nephropathy?
    For what gastrointestinal disorders in adults are probiotics effective?
    For whom does participation matter and why?: the earnings of former college athletes
    Forage Crop Irrigation Systems and Economics
    Forages for Cattle: New Methods of Determining Energy Content and Evaluating Heat Damage
    Forages for Swine
    Force control of a hydraulic servo system
    Force feedback control of a hydraulic cylinder [abstract]
    Forced convection in nanofluids over a flat plate
    Forcing Bulbs for Indoor Bloom
    Forcing bulbs for indoor bloom
    Fore ðære mærðe mod astige: two new perspectives on the Old English Gifts of men
    Forecasting county-level unemployment accounting for spatial correlation