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    Disconnecting a Role for DNA Repair in the Pathogenicity of the Human pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans
    Discourse as a normative instrument: analysis of mental illness on a disability services discussion list
    Discovering Spatial Data: Use of the Clearinghouse
    Discovering the District: A Look at the History of Downtown Columbia
    Discovering the social organization of school library work
    Discovery and Mechanistic Characterization of Novel SARS Coronavirus Inhibitors that Block Viral Entry [abstract]
    Discovery Interfaces and Music: Summon
    Discovery of Enzymes Responsible for an Alternate Mevalonate Pathway in Haloferax volcanii
    Discovery of epitopes governing MMP-12 specificity for fibrillar substrates: BINDSIght, a method for determining specific sites of substrate surface interactions
    Discovery of Extreme Carbon Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    Discovery of small molecules that regulate the activity of protein tyrosine phosphatases
    Discovery systems as convergence : a systematic review of the research literature on an emerging library technology
    Discovery Systems I: Challenges and Needs for Music Discovery
    Discrete NaI(TI) crystal detector optimization for small animal SPECT molecular imaging
    Discrimination and health: how being Hispanic can make you sick
    Discursive Resources in the Everyday Construction of Engineering Knowledge
    A discussion and Comparison of Requiem Masses by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gabriel Fauré, and Maurice Duruflé
    A Discussion of American Children's Songs of the Nineteenth Century
    A Discussion of the Pedal From Early and Late Nineteenth Century Pianoforte Methods
    A Discussion on Participating in Professional Orchestral French Horn Auditions