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    Development of protected areas : agriculture, conservation, and political decentralization in the La Amistad Pacific Conservation Area of Costa Rica
    The Development of Public Piano Performance in the United States From 1730-1860
    The development of railroads in Missouri to 1860
    Development of shear wave velocity profiles in the deep sediments of the Mississippi Embayment using surface wave and spectral ratio methods
    Development of solution techniques and design guidelines for equestrian trails on public lands
    Development of Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), a multi-omics data integration web resource for bridging molecular breeding and translational genomics in Glycine Max
    Development of standardized and validated survey methods for assessing unionoid mussel assemblages in Missouri
    Development of State-Level Mathematics Curriculum Documents: Report of a Survey
    Development of tailored preform processing technology for net-shape manufacturing of large monolithic structures
    The development of the administration of public health and safety, Kansas City, Missouri
    Development of the cartoon
    The Development of the Chinese Accordion and Implementation into Normal Universities
    Development of the Elementary School Choir
    The development of the first generation of exo-affinity labeling agents, inactivators of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B
    The development of the fruit tree as influenced by the season of transplanting
    Development of the General assembly of Missouri
    Development of the glochidium into the miniature mussel
    The development of the Hereford Cattle industry in the United States
    The Development of the Horn
    The development of the junior wear industry 1926-1930