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    Examining and certificating teachers
    Examining beginning biology teachers' knowledge, beliefs, and practice for teaching natural selection
    Examining college science teachers' belief systems about inquiry-based teaching in the context of a professional development program
    Examining communication patterns of multinational corporations during the 2008 summer Olympic games in Beijing
    Examining cultural hybrids in Anglo-Saxon England [abstract]
    Examining effective leadership practices across cultures : a comparative study of higher education leaders in Kenya and the United States
    Examining gender equality in media technology companies
    Examining instability in Midwestern snowstorms with lightning and thunder [abstract]
    Examining learning potential in undergraduate college students
    Examining media convergence: does it also converge good journalism, economic synergies, and competitive advantages?
    Examining media coverage of the subprime mouurtgage [sic] phenomenon
    Examining multicultural counseling competencies among racial/ethnic minority and international psychological trainees
    Examining nursing students' understanding of the cardiovascular system in a BSN program
    Examining Obesity Issues
    Examining psychological recovery in persons with serious mental illness : the role of experienced stigma and the insight paradox
    Examining secondary students algebraic reasoning: flexibility and strategy use
    Examining social class privilege and perceived career options in adolescent white women: a qualitative study
    Examining the academic performance and retention of first-year students in living-learning communities, freshmen interest groups and first year experience courses
    Examining the achievement gap: the effectiveness of African American teachers instructing African American students in Kansas City Public Schools
    Examining the comorbidity of boderline personality disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in a community sample