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    Green with emotion: the effect of negative emotional appeal intensity on cognitive processing of environmental PSAs
    Green, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Cost-Effective Refrigerated Storage Facilities
    Greene County Census Tract & Voting District Maps
    Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential and Mitigation Costs of Biogas Production in Brandenburg, Germany
    Grief and mourning among African American elders after spousal bereavement
    Grief: A gendered approach to the elegies of Plath and Lowell [abstract]
    Ground based interferometric radar initial look at Longview, Blue Springs, Tuttle Creek, and Milford Dams
    The ground state of a quantum critical system
    A grounded theory approach : inter-organizational relationships in community college fundraising
    A grounded theory approach to understanding educator perspectives on using data to inform instruction
    A grounded theory investigation of skip-generation stepgrandparent-stepgrandchild relationships
    Groundwater vulnerability to agrochemicals: a GIS-based DRASTIC model analysis of Carroll, Chariton, and Saline counties, Missouri USA
    Group contribution modeling of physical properties during urethane reaction
    Group Medical Visits for the Management of Chronic Pain
    Group scheduling for public safety communications in cellular networks
    Group scheduling in advanced cellular systems using directional antennas
    Group scheduling in cellular networks
    Groupoids and semigroupoids
    Growing an Online Audience for Rich Media: How the photography departments at the South Florida Sun- Sentinel and The Denver Post cultivated an online audience for multimedia.
    Growing and Marketing Elderberries in Missouri