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    How accurate are common imaging modalities for peripheral arterial disease?
    How accurate are noninvasive myocardial perfusion studies?
    How accurate are the commonly available tests for H pylori infection?
    How accurate are troponin levels in evaluating ACS in patients with renal disease?
    How accurate is an MRI at diagnosing injured knee ligaments?
    How accurate is D-dimer for predicting recurrence of VTE in a patient with a history or current treatment of VTE?
    How accurate is ear thermometry for diagnosing fever in children?
    How accurate is HbA1c in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus?
    How accurate is MRI for detecting breast cancer in high-risk women?
    How accurate is screening for recurrence of ovarian cancer with CA-125?
    How accurate is stress radionuclide imaging for diagnosis of CAD?
    How accurate is the clinical diagnosis of pneumonia?
    How accurate is the Spurling maneuver for detection of cervical radiculopathy?
    How accurate is the use of ECGs in the diagnosis of myocardial infarct?
    How and in what context do osteopathic medical students learn about interprofessional practice
    How are central causes of vertigo distinguished from peripheral causes?
    How are drugs designed?
    How are Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) contacts and officers created and retained? What impact does their career paths have on open government principles such as FOIA directives, policies and guidelines communicated by the President of the United States and the Attorney General?
    How are the yeast cyclins, PCL6 and PCL7 regulated in the GLC7 pathway? [abstract]
    How are thyroid function tests altered by thyroid replacement medications?