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    Green house gas reduction through injecting CO2 in the subsurface [abstract]
    Green Nanotechnology from Cumin Phytochemicals: Generation of Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticles
    Green nanotechnology from tea: phytochemicals in tea as building blocks for production of biocompatible gold nanoparticles
    Green nantocehnology in dual medical and national defense applications: global perspectives on formal training and education
    Green popcorn and Irish whiskey: an analysis of the Moore family storytelling tradition
    A green residential wish list: most important features according to homeowners
    Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) inhibits cytokine-induced nitric oxide and secretory phospholipase A2-IIA in glial cells [abstract]
    Green with emotion: the effect of negative emotional appeal intensity on cognitive processing of environmental PSAs
    Green, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Cost-Effective Refrigerated Storage Facilities
    Greene County Census Tract & Voting District Maps
    Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential and Mitigation Costs of Biogas Production in Brandenburg, Germany
    Grief and mourning among African American elders after spousal bereavement
    Grief: A gendered approach to the elegies of Plath and Lowell [abstract]
    Ground based interferometric radar initial look at Longview, Blue Springs, Tuttle Creek, and Milford Dams
    The ground state of a quantum critical system
    A grounded theory approach : inter-organizational relationships in community college fundraising
    A grounded theory approach to understanding educator perspectives on using data to inform instruction
    A grounded theory investigation of skip-generation stepgrandparent-stepgrandchild relationships
    Groundwater vulnerability to agrochemicals: a GIS-based DRASTIC model analysis of Carroll, Chariton, and Saline counties, Missouri USA
    Group contribution modeling of physical properties during urethane reaction