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    Do young children recognize the sound system of their native language? [abstract]
    Docking and castrating lambs
    Documentation of Missouri white-tailed deer chronoclines: implications for archaeology, paleoecology, and conservation biology
    Documentation of the FAPRI Modeling System
    Documenting Trenton: editing and design of the 65th Missouri Photo Workshop photo book
    Dodajte vise vrsta povrca obrocima svaki dan
    Does 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone (17P) prevent delivery before 37 weeks in women with singleton gestations and risk factors for preterm birth?
    Does a child with pneumonia on a chest x-ray need a follow-up film to document clearance?
    Does a daily exercise program lead to prolonged retention of cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease?
    Does a high-fiber diet prevent colon cancer in at-risk patients?
    Does a knee brace decrease recurrent ACL injuries?
    Does a low glycemic index diet lead to greater weight loss at 6 months in overweight adults compared with no dietary restriction?
    Does a low-fat diet help prevent breast cancer?
    Does a low-salt diet prevent preeclampsia?
    Does a low-salt diet reduce morbidity and mortality in congestive heart failure?
    Does a Low-Sodium Diet Reduce Blood Pressure?
    Does a nonlinear mating preference predict nonlinear benefits to offspring?: Avoiding bad mates to obtain good genes
    Does a reasonable daily dose of lactose cause symptoms in patients with self-reported lactose intolerance?
    Does a Seller Really Want Another Bidder?