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    The Evolution of Pedal Tone Systems for Trumpet and Their Relationship to the Increased Trumpet Range in Big Bands From 1940 to 1970
    The Evolution of Piano Technique
    The evolution of presidential campaign coverage: young journalists and the digital age
    The Evolution of Russian Media
    The evolution of sex difference in tool use
    Evolution of signal frequency in Neoconocephalus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae): a study of perceptual and environmental sources of selection
    Evolution of Soybean Knowledge Base
    The evolution of strategic communication at United States Forces Korea (USFK): an analysis of internal organizational strategies, 2008-2011
    Evolution of the Bahamian coastal environment of San Salvador Island over the last 3,500 years based on triangle pond sediment cores
    The Evolution of the Format for Physics of Thin Films
    The Evolution of the Four Overtures to Beethoven's Opera Fidelio
    The evolution of the French novel
    The evolution of the U.S. financial architecture, asset prices, and the role of fiscal and monetary policy
    Evolutionary conservation of conduction velocity through NF-M microsatellite expansion [abstract]
    Evolutionary dynamics while trapped in resonance: a Keplerian binary system perturbed by gravitational radiation
    An evolutionary framework for matching geospatial object configurations
    An evolutionary method for training autoencoders for Deep Learning Networks
    An evolutionary perspective of the effects of emotion on the post-auricular reflex
    Evolutionary relationships and signatures of selection in cattle established using genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms
    Evolutionary semigroups and Lyapunov theorems in Banach spaces