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    Differential Effects of Perceived and Objective Knowledge Measures on Perceptions of Biotechnology
    The differential effects of presentation rate and retention interval on memory for items and associations in younger adults: a simulation of an age-related associative deficit
    Differential effects of the components of higher education expenditure on U.S. state economic growth [abstract]
    Differential gene and protein expression in pig nuclear transfer extraembryonic membranes and blastocyst stage embryos
    Differential Growth Response of Certain Varieties of Soybeans to Varied Mineral Nutrient Conditions
    Differential in-gel electrophoresis (DIGE): The key to finding the 4936 factor? [abstract]
    Differential roles for hedgehog signaling in motor neuron development
    Differential Susceptibility of SD and CD Rats to a Novel Rat Theilovirus
    Differentiating a chunk from a group: the role of verbal rehearsal in creating a hierarchical list structure
    Differentiating anxiety and depression: a socioaffective tripartite model
    Differentiation of Self Inventory - short form: creation and Initial evidence of construct validity
    Differing approaches to teacher preparation : using a mixed methods design to collect perceptions of efficacy in relation to clinical and traditional teaching methods
    DiffServ overlay multicast for videoconferencing
    Diffuse Lymphatic Tissue
    Diffuse optical tomography: A new way to detect early stage breast cancer [abstract]
    Diffuse photon optical tomography: An investigation into the propagation of light through turbid media [abstract]
    Diffusion of viral marketing into the world of public relations
    Diffusion research needs
    Diffusional studies for gold crosslinked collagen coated membranes for intravascular biosensors [abstract]
    Digestibility of wheat, sudan grass and drouth corn silages by wethers and steers