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    DNA methylation effects on expression of a chromatin-regulated gene in maize [abstract]
    DNA methylation in the early porcine embryo
    Do "pain contracts" reduce the risk of adverse outcomes in patients taking narcotics?
    Do abnormal fetal kick counts predict intrauterine death in average-risk pregnancies?
    Do ACE inhibitors alter lung function in patients with asthma?
    Do ACE inhibitors decrease mortality in patients with hypertension?
    Do ACE inhibitors or ARBs help prevent kidney disease in patients with diabetes and normal BP?
    Do ACE inhibitors prevent nephropathy in type 2 diabetes without proteinuria?
    Do acetaminophen and an NSAID combined relieve osteoarthritis pain better than either alone?
    Do adults previously vaccinated with the shingles vaccine need a booster?
    Do adults who consume a traditional Western diet have a higher incidence of cancer than adults who consume a Mediterranean diet?
    Do adults with vitamin D deficiency have increased incidence of dementia?
    Do all viruses utilize CRM1 dependent nuclear export? [abstract]
    Do allergy shots help seasonal allergies more than antihistamines and nasal steroids?
    Do anabolic steroids help improve recovery from hip fractures in the elderly?
    Do annual pelvic exams benefit asymptomatic women who receive regular Pap smears?
    Do annual preventive examinations lead to better mortality outcomes?
    Do anti-inflammatory medications reduce the length of hospital stay for patients with cellulitis of the leg?
    Do antiangiogenic injections slow or reverse vision loss in patients with wet macular degeneration?
    Do antiarrhythmic agents prevent sudden death in patients with heart failure?