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    Dynamic Geometry: GeoGebra
    Dynamic links between short-term deformation and long-term tectonics: a finite element study
    Dynamic Metabolic Flux Analysis of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Central Metabolisms [abstract]
    Dynamic Model Generation and Semantic Search for Open Source Projects using Big Data Analytics
    Dynamic model of sandwich structure with viscoelastic middle layers
    Dynamic models of credit ratings and default probabilities
    Dynamic simulation of particulate and molecular systems
    Dynamic study of the piezo-driven pipettes in intracytoplasmic sperm injection
    Dynamic Virtual Network Restoration with Optimal Standby Virtual Router Selection
    Dynamical Corrections to the DFT-LDA Electron Conductance in Nanoscale Systems
    Dynamical exchange-correlation potentials for an electron liquid
    Dynamical exchange-correlation potentials for the electron liquid in the spin channel
    Dynamical Jahn-Teller effect, double exchange and the isotope shift in the manganites: a toy model
    The Dynamics of Biotechnology in the Soybean Marketplace
    Dynamics of discourse : power and culture in Precolonial Rwanda
    Dynamics of dissipative quantum Hall edges
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part I: A Simple Model of North Atlantic Oscillations
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part II: Free Mode Characteristics of NAO and Diagnostic Study
    Dynamics of extended spinning masses in a gravitational field
    Dynamics of flux penetration and critical currents in type-II superconductors