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    Identity through style: the transatlantic dissemination of Anglican and Episcopalian neo-Gothic church architecture [1]
    The ideological gap: behavioral trends of the politically active, 1976-2004 [1]
    Ideology and economics; U.S. relations with the Soviet Union, 1918-1933 [1]
    the ideology of online non-profit news sites [1]
    Ideology of the air: communication policy and the public interest in the United States and Great Britain, 1896-1935 [1]
    Idiopathic (immune) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) [1]
    Idylls of the king : a masterpiece [1]
    If it won't explode, hit it with a hammer: Facilitating chemical reactions at a liquid surface [1]
    "If you don't laugh you'll cry": the occupational humor of white American prison workers and social workers [1]
    If You Give Your Love Some Chemo... [1]
    If you've got it, flaunt it: humans flaunt attractive partners for status and desirability [1]
    Igneous intrusions and thermal evolution in the Raton Basin, CO-NM: contact metamorphism and coal-bed methane generation [1]
    Il est doux [1]
    iLab : immersive visualization lab [1]
    Iliotibial band syndrome in the cyclist [1]
    The illicit methamphetamine landscape of Franklin County, Missouri: application and analysis of a GIS-based risk assessment model [1]
    Illiquidity spillover: the cross-market impact of firm level illiquidity [1]
    Illustrated editions: depicting the eighteenth-century British novel [1]
    Image and video analysis techniques for cellular microscopy [1]
    Image compression and energy harvesting for energy constrained sensors [1]