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    Does an increased rate of IV fluids shorten the labor course of low risk nulliparous women?
    Does anal cancer screening reduce morbidity and mortality in men who have sex with men?
    Does annual monofilament testing in patients with diabetes improve outcomes?
    Does antepartum perineal massage reduce intrapartum lacerations?
    Does anticoagulation prevent thrombosis for persons with fractures distal to the hip?
    Does any antidepressant besides bupropion help smokers quit?
    Does Application Matter? An Examination of Public Perception of Agricultural Biotechnology Applications
    Does application of antibiotic ointment to wounds after minor elective skin lesion procedures improve healing or decrease the rate of infection?
    Does artificial rupture of membranes during labor speed delivery?
    Does azithromycin have a role in cesarean sections?
    Does barefoot running decrease the risk of injuries in runners?
    Does bed rest for preeclampsia improve neonatal outcomes?
    Does behavior modification such as weight reduction and sleep position improve obstructive sleep apnea?
    Does bicycling, in otherwise healthy men, increase the risk of erectile dysfunction?
    Does Biotech Labeling Affect Consumers' Purchasing Decisions? A Case Study of Vegetable Oils in Nanjing, China
    Does birth weight predict childhood obesity?
    Does blood pressure screening benefit children?
    Does BP screening benefit children?
    Does bracing in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis reduce scoliosis progression or surgical intervention?
    Does breastfeeding affect the risk of childhood obesity?