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    An analysis of mammalian taxonomic diversity and domposition of early Paleoindian zooarchaeological assemblages in the United States
    An Analysis of McLean County, Illinois Farmers' Perceptions of Genetically Modified Crops
    An Analysis of Melodic and Durational Continuity in Sonata I for Organ, I, "Mässig Schnell" by Paul Hindemith
    Analysis of Missouri state income tax returns
    Analysis of mitochondrial DNA insertions into a nuclear chromosome of the maize B73 line
    An Analysis of Music Curriculum Standards in Various Countries World-Wide
    Analysis of National Milk Producers Federation's Foundation for the Future Program
    Analysis of NFU's Loan Rate Provisions and a Farmer-Owned Reserve Program
    Analysis of NMPF's Foundation for the Future Program
    An analysis of northern hemisphere block sizes compared to climatology and seasonal variations
    Analysis of Obesity (ob/ob) and Diabetes (db/db) Mutation Syndromes on Hypothalamic Medial Basal Nucleic Neuronal Degeneration in C57BL/Ks] Mice
    Analysis of oscillatory flow and heat transfer in an oscillating heat pipe
    Analysis of PDGF-AB and -BB in serum of intact and ovariectomized (OVX) pigs
    Analysis of point-to-point packet delay in an operational network, Computer Networks
    Analysis of post-translational modifications of the blue light photoreceptor, phot1, by the CRL3NPH3 ubiquitin ligase complex
    An analysis of production costs and applications high cost of living and panics and depressions
    Analysis of quaternary faults and associated deformation of sedimentary basin fill: inner continental borderland of southern California
    Analysis of radio communication towers subjected to wind, ice and seismic loadings
    Analysis of residential housing markets in large U.S. metropolitan areas
    Analysis of Response to the "Death Panels? Claim in the Debate on Health Care Reform That Led to the Passage of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act