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    How long should a patient wait before attempting pregnancy again after a spontaneous abortion?
    How long should antibiotic therapy be continued for an uncomplicated, symptomatic lower UTI in an elderly woman?
    How long should anticoagulation be continued in a patient after a DVT?
    How Low Can You Go? The Consequences of Zero Tolerance
    How magazines are using redesigns as a tool to build a stronger relationship with their readerships
    How meaning develops for algebraic symbols: Possibilities and pitfalls [abstract]
    how model attractiveness and social comparison impact consumer self-esteem and purchase intention
    How monetary policy influences the lending to small business: an empirical study on relationship banking using a Korean bank data set
    How much calcium supplement is recommended in a patient with osteoporosis and a history of calcium oxalate kidney stones?
    How much can exercise raise creatine kinase level— and does it matter?
    How Much Can GMO and Non-GMO Cultivars Coexist in a Megadiverse Country?
    How much does smoking cessation cut CHD risk?
    How much does weight loss affect hypertension?
    How much weight does a person need to lose in order to lower blood pressure?
    How often can an osteoarthritic knee joint be safely injected?
    How often can PPIs be successfully withdrawn from patients with GERD?
    How often can proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) be successfully withdrawn from patients with GERD?
    How often do you need to change a peripheral IV line?
    How often do you need to change a PICC line?
    How often does pulmonary hypertension cause chronic lower extremity edema?