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    Does long-term proton pump inhibitor therapy lead to adverse outcomes?
    Does long-term use of metformin cause vitamin B12 deficiency?
    Does low-dose aspirin reduce preeclampsia and other maternal-fetal complications?
    Does low-dose aspirin therapy prevent preeclampsia in pregnant women at increased risk?
    Does lower blood pressure reduce CV events in patients at intermediate risk? Probably not.
    Does lower extremity DVT resolve radiologically in anticoagulated patients and how does this assist with therapy?
    Does lowering a fever >101F in children improve clinical outcomes?
    Does lowering diastolic BP to less than 90 mm Hg decrease cardiovascular risk?
    Does lowering systolic blood pressure below 120 mmHg yield positive health benefits beyond those seen at 140 mmHg?
    Does Lybrel(TM) mean liberation from menses?
    Does manual extraction of the placenta or manual exploration of the uterus increase the risk of endometritis?
    Does massage therapy decrease pain or improve function in adults with low back pain?
    Does maternal position during delivery affect the incidence of neonatal shoulder dystocia?
    Does metformin prevent diabetes in at-risk adults?
    Does microalbuminuria screening in diabetes prevent complications?
    Does mindfulness-based cognitive therapy prevent relapse of depression compared with pharmacotherapy?
    Does moderate exercise prevent MI for patients with coronary heart disease?
    Does morphine sleep prolong latent labor?
    Does multimedia matter? An analysis of reader engagement in digital longform journalism
    Does multimedia matter? An analysis of reader engagement in ditigal longform journalism