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    The Impact of Bt Crops on the Developing World [1]
    The impact of career counseling plus DISCOVER (Internet version) on the academic achievement of high school sophomores at risk for dropping out of school [1]
    Impact of Clopidogrel Pretreatment on Ischemic Complications of PCI among Bivalirudin-Treated Patients: Results from the EVENT Registry [1]
    The impact of conation on team effectiveness [1]
    The impact of corn rootworm protected biotechnology traits in the United States [1]
    Impact of creep feeding on subsequent performance and plasma parameters of feedlot steers [1]
    The impact of crime on birth weight: exploring the definition of residential environment [1]
    Impact of desktop virtual reality on system usability: a case study of online consumer survey using a VR integrated decision support system [1]
    The impact of diabetes on one-year health status outcomes following acute coronary syndromes [2]
    The impact of division II revenue and non-revenue sport participation on student engagement [1]
    The impact of economic development incentives on public education in Missouri [1]
    Impact of effective instruction within middle school classrooms on at-risk student problem behavior [abstract] [1]
    The Impact of Environmental Changes on Park Use and Crossing Behaviors in an Underserved Columbia, MO Neighborhood [1]
    Impact of Ethanol on the Hereford Industry [1]
    The impact of European Union membership conditionality of human rights in Turkey [1]
    The impact of external knowledge on patent production among SBIR winners [1]
    Impact of food choices on behavior expectancy and judgments of morality [abstract] [1]
    The impact of free newspapers on US markets [1]
    The impact of fuel ethanol on motor gasoline market: modeling through a system of structural equations [1]
    The impact of gender on the use of metaphors in media reports covering the 2003 Gulf War in Iraq [1]