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    The Impact of Livestock Production: A Case Study of Three Missouri Counties [1]
    Impact of Mathematics Content Course Sequence on CBASE and Praxis II Scores of Elementary Teacher Candidates [1]
    Impact of medical equipment tracking in a health care system [1]
    Impact of metallic nanoparticles on anaerobic digestion [1]
    The impact of methyl mercury on the distribution of selenium in various tissues [abstract] [1]
    Impact of Missouri's E10 Standard on Consumer Fuel Usage, Public Health, & the Environment* [1]
    The impact of networks and the concept of reception on asset accumulation strategies of Latino newcomers in new settlement communities in the Midwest [1]
    Impact of Nurse Practitioner Practice Regulation on Access to Healthcare Services [1]
    The Impact of Organized Interests on Eligibility Determination: The Case of Veterans' Disability Compensation [1]
    The impact of parental divorce on college age offspring's perception of romantic/marital commitment [abstract] [1]
    The impact of part-time faculty on student retention : a case study in higher education [1]
    The impact of participation in a curricular learning community on academic success, academic and social integration, institutional commitment, and persistence of first-year students at Missouri State University [1]
    Impact of prior/concurrent exposure to infectious diseases on variability in the 1918-19 flu epidemic on Newfoundland [abstract] [1]
    Impact of Privacy Exemptions in Open Records Laws on Computer-­‐assisted Reporting [1]
    Impact of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin on Dairy Farm Cost of Production: Evidence from Multiyear Data [1]
    The Impact of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin on Dairy Farm Profits: A Switching Regression Analysis [1]
    The impact of Richard Wagner on Werner Herzog's film Nosferatu [1]
    The impact of school characteristics on return migration [1]
    The Impact of School District Financial Allocation on District Effectiveness: A Look at School Districts in Missouri [1]
    The impact of secondary working memory demands on inhibitory performance in individuals with and without autism spectrum disorder [1]