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    Does the presence of a trained support person during labor decrease C-section rates?
    Does the presence of lower extremity edema affect outcomes of patients with lower extremity cellulitis?
    Does the Self-Trapped Magnetic Polaron Exist in Electron-Doped Manganites?
    Does the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure improve heart failure outcomes?
    Does the use of ACE inhibitors influence the development of diabetes?
    Does the use of bronchodilators in mechanically ventilated patients without a prior history of obstructive lung disease improve patient outcomes?
    Does the use of EMLA cream (topical lidocaine/prilocaine) decrease the pain of circumcision in newborn boys compared with placebo or dorsal penile nerve block plus lidocaine?
    Does the use of EMLA cream decrease the pain of circumcision in newborn boys?
    Does the use of lubricants with perineal massage during the second stage of labor prevent perineal tears?
    Does the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) while examining patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) decrease the incidence of nosocomial transmission in the hospital setting?
    Does the use of supplemental garlic decrease blood pressure in hypertensive patients?
    Does the use of vaginal misoprostol increase the success rate of IUD insertion (or decrease pain during insertion) in nulliparous patients?
    Does the World Need U.S. Farmers Even if Americans Don't?
    Does therapy for depression in teens decrease the likelihood of depression in adulthood?
    Does thickened formula help infants with persistent vomiting or other GERD symptoms?
    Does third trimester antenatal perineal massage improve perineal outcomes for vaginal delivery?
    Does this nasal steroid cause birth defects? May not pass the sniff test
    Does tight control of blood glucose in pregnant women with diabetes improve neonatal outcomes?
    Does time of day affect lipoprotein measurement independent of fasting state?
    Does topical antibiotic treatment improve cure rates for bacterial conjunctivitis?