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    Give My Poor Heart Ease: Digital Humanities and the Blues [videorecording]
    Give vitamin C to avert lingering pain after fracture
    Giving Voice to Violence and Void: An Analysis of Martin Scorsese’s Treatment of Food in The Departed as a Means of Depicting Irish-American Masculine Identity
    Giving voice: the use of interactive theatre as professional development in higher education to reduce alienation of marginalized groups
    Glandular epithelium
    A Glimpse at Science in the Antarctic
    A glimpse of everything
    Glioma cells influence the migration of neuralized mouse embryonic stem cells in vivo [abstract]
    Global catalogue of microorganisms (gcm): a comprehensive database and information retrieval, analysis, and visualization system for microbial resources
    Global DNA methylation and gene expression analysis in pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Environmental Effects, 1996-2008
    Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Income and Production Effects, 1996-2007
    Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects in the First Ten Years of Commercial Use
    Global Impact of Insect-Resistant (Bt) Cotton
    Global justice buzz : the visual rhetoric of the Beehive Design Collective
    Global Markets for Agricultural Products 2003 - 2012
    Global Welfare Effects of GM Sugar Beet under Changing EU Sugar Policies
    Globalization and Latino labor: Labor advocates' accounts of meatpacking in rural Missouri
    Glocalization: connecting glocalization to local Cuban musicians and their music