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    The impact of secondary working memory demands on inhibitory performance in individuals with and without autism spectrum disorder [1]
    The impact of sexual experience on the development of sexual self-concept and global self-esteem during adolescence and young adulthood: a prospective analysis [1]
    The Impact of Sleep Quality on Energy Intake, Eating Behavior, and Physical Activity [1]
    Impact of social competence as protective factor for violence resiliency [1]
    The impact of social identities on partisanship during a realignment period [1]
    Impact of social networks on well-being: evidence from Latino immigrants in non-urban Missouri communities [1]
    The impact of spending cuts on Missouri student achievement [1]
    Impact of symptoms on quality of life in women with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and healthy women [1]
    The impact of Teach for America's summer institute on first-year TFA's experience in the Kansas City public schools [1]
    Impact of teacher concerns on response to intervention implementation [1]
    The impact of technology on organizational change in public libraries: a qualitative study [1]
    The impact of technology on tradition: the role of craft in our lives today [1]
    The impact of the Chinese air cargo hub project on the business climate of St. Louis [1]
    The impact of the distribution of economic activity on the gravity model estimation of international trade [1]
    The Impact of the Introduction of Transgenic Crops in Argentinean Agriculture [1]
    The Impact of the LDP on Corn and Soybean Basis in Missouri [1]
    The impact of the Missouri Ozarks on mesocale convective events [abstract] [1]
    The impact of trained peers on the generalization of social competence of adolescents with autism spectrum disorders participating in a school-based social competence program [1]
    The impact of violent video games on executive functioning and aggression [1]
    The impact of Wal-Mart on the rural retail wage [1]