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    How do you prevent MRSA colonization among close contacts of patients with MRSA skin and soft tissue infections?
    How do you treat perioral dermatitis?
    How does colonoscopy compare with fecal occult blood testing as a screening tool for colon cancer?
    How does electronic fetal heart rate monitoring affect labor and delivery outcomes?
    How does furosemide infusion compare with bolus dosing for severe systolic heart failure and fluid overload?
    How does malaria jump from mosquitoes to humans?
    How does montelukast compare with inhaled corticosteroids for the control of mild to moderate persistent asthma in children?
    How does pentoxifylline affect survival of patients with alcoholic hepatitis?
    How does smoking in the home affect children with asthma?
    How does the Chinese government use social media to react to social crisis: a content analysis
    How does the intensity of therapy to lower HbA1c affect long-term cardiovascular risk in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus?
    How does the ratio of risk to benefit change with increasing doses of ibuprofen?
    How does the risk of testicular cancer vary with age?
    How does tissue adhesive compare with suturing for superficial lacerations?
    How does VTE risk for the patch and vaginal ring compare with oral contraceptives?
    How effective and safe are IVC filters in preventing PE in patients with a DVT?
    How effective are complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) therapies for fibromyalgia?
    How effective are corticosteroid injections in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee?
    How effective are dietary interventions in lowering lipids in adults with dyslipidemia?
    How effective are exercise and physical therapy for chronic low back pain?