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    Impacts of Increased Ethanol and Biodiesel Demand [1]
    Impacts of Increased Marketing Loan Rates [1]
    Impacts of Linking Wheat Countercyclical Payments to Prices for Classes of Wheat [1]
    The impacts of lynchings on African-American out-migration from rural Missouri, 1865-1935 [abstract] [1]
    Impacts of municipal wastewater effluent on seed banks, chemistry, and microorganisms of soils excavated from wetland impoundments designated for wildlife [1]
    The impacts of partner abundance on benefits from facultative pollination mutualism [1]
    Impacts of pollinator abundance on benefits from facultative pollination mutualism [1]
    Impacts of Precipitation, Land use Land cover and Soil type on the Water Balance of Lake Chad Basin [1]
    Impacts of Selected Title I Provisions of the Senate Committee Farm Bill [1]
    Impacts of Selected US Ethanol Policy Options [1]
    Impacts of soil management practices on soil fertility in potato-based cropping systems in the Bolivian Andean highlands [1]
    Impacts of suspended and deposited sediment on benthic invertebrates and fishes in a Missouri Ozark stream [1]
    Impacts of the Commodity Provisions of the Food and Agriculture Risk Management for the 21st Century Act of 2007 (FARM 21) [1]
    Impacts of Three Provisions in the Administration's 2007 Farm Bill Proposal [1]
    Impaired spatial learning and increased locomotor activity in TgCRND8 mice as a model of Alzheimer's disease [1]
    The impairment of the prefrontal cortex due to high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in relation to ADHD [1]
    Impeachment in Paraguay 2012: the case of Fernando Lugo [1]
    Impetigo in athletes [1]
    Impetigo miracle? [1]
    The implementation impact of continuous quality improvement (CQI) on teacher perceptions of CQI categories [1]