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    Does morphine sleep prolong latent labor?
    Does multimedia matter? An analysis of reader engagement in digital longform journalism
    Does multimedia matter? An analysis of reader engagement in ditigal longform journalism
    Does Music Have the Power to Affect Emotional Behavior, Character, and Morals?
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    Does obesity (body mass index [greater than or equal to] 30 kg/m2) change effectiveness of contraceptives in women?
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    Does oral progesterone affect sleep behaviors in postmenopausal women?
    Does osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) during pregnancy reduce delivery-related or postpartum complications?
    Does osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) improve length of hospital stay and feeding dysfunction in preterm infants?
    Does parental education help decrease smoke exposure in children with asthma?
    Does phentermine use for weight loss have significant adverse effects?
    Does physical therapy improve symptoms of fibromyalgia?
    Does Plant Variety Intellectual Property Protection Improve Farm Productivity? Evidence from Cotton Varieties
    Does pneumococcal conjugate vaccine prevent otitis media?