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    An analysis of wireless security in Columbia, MO [Harper - abstract]
    An analysis of wireless security in Columbia, MO [Mixon abstract]
    Analysis of withdrawal reasons and mobility factors for Missouri's public school students with disabilities
    Analytic expression for the diamagnetic susceptibility of a uniform electron gas
    Analytic measures and Bochner measurability
    Analytical and experimental evaluation of steel sheets for blast retrofit design
    Analytical model for space constrained optimization of proton exchange membrane fuel cells [abstract]
    Analytical study of the spectral-analysis-of-surface-waves method at complex geotechnical sites
    Analyzing Cropping Systems
    Analyzing high-throughput genomics data for cancer studies
    Analyzing how grade four teachers plan to teach inquiry-based curriculum materials and the influences on their preparation of mathematics lessons
    Analyzing Quality and Quality Assurance (Including Labeling) for GMOs
    Analyzing the correlation between data usage and student performance on the Missouri Assessment Program
    Analyzing the effects of Cis-elements and trans-factors on the stability of the Gal1 mRNP
    Analyzing the effects of lactose on calcium absorption in premature infants using HR-ICP-Mass Spectrometry
    An anatomical analysis of the effects of ether anesthesia on the nerve cell
    The anatomical effect of certain drugs on the purkinje cells of the cerebellum
    Anatomical organization of locomotor command systems in the lamprey brain [abstract]
    Anatomical organization of pathways in the locomotor command system of the lamprey [abstract]
    Anatomical refitting using metric comparison on white tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) and mule deer (odocoileus hemionus)