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    How does tissue adhesive compare with suturing for superficial lacerations?
    How does VTE risk for the patch and vaginal ring compare with oral contraceptives?
    How effective and safe are IVC filters in preventing PE in patients with a DVT?
    How effective are complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) therapies for fibromyalgia?
    How effective are corticosteroid injections in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee?
    How effective are dietary interventions in lowering lipids in adults with dyslipidemia?
    How effective are exercise and physical therapy for chronic low back pain?
    How effective are family educational interventions at reducing emergency department (ED) utilization by children with asthma?
    How effective are hypertension self-care interventions?
    How effective are leukotriene inhibitors for asthma in children?
    How effective are leukotriene inhibitors in children with asthma?
    How effective are lifestyle changes for controlling hypertension?
    How effective are lifestyle modifications on hypertension?
    How effective are lower extremity compression devices for reducing DVT risk after a stroke?
    How effective are medications other than methylphenidate (Ritalin) for treatment of ADHD?
    How effective are nasal steroids combined with nonsedating antihistamines for seasonal allergic rhinitis?
    How effective are opioids for chronic low back pain?
    How effective are pharmacologic agents for alcoholism?
    How effective are probiotics in the prevention of C difficile diarrhea in immunocompetent adults who are prescribed antibiotics?
    How effective are psychosocial family interventions for the treatment of bipolar disorder in adults?