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    Implications of increased graduation requirements for students in schools of southeast Missouri
    Implications of Minimum Summer Water Releases from Gavins Point for Power Plants
    Implications of stress and coping mechanisms in the superintendency
    Implications of the 2002 U.S. Farm Act for World Agriculture
    Implications of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard for State and National Ethanol Use
    Implications of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation on Expression of Key Regulatory Genes during C2Cl2 Myoblast Differentiation
    The implicit function theorem for Lipschitz functions and applications
    Importance of agritourism for agripreneur goal accomplishment
    The importance of choice
    Importance of gene expression in corn [abstract]
    The importance of ownership in the renewal process of one middle school
    The importance of problems in the teaching of American history in high schools
    The importance of relationships in the renewal process of one middle school
    The importance of social networks on Latino Immigrants' Well-being in Rural Missouri
    The importance of the supplementation of zinc in nursey pig diets
    The importance of undergraduate's computer competency and information literacy skills: marketing faculty's perspectives in Thailand
    Important questions
    The impossible proof : an analysis of Adrien-Marie Legendre's attempts to prove Euclid's fith Postulate
    The impression of humor: Mary Cassatt and her rendering of wit
    Impressions and Characters: Travel Writing and Narration in the Novel from Victorian to Modern