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    Integrin regulation of beta-catenin signaling in ovarian carcinoma [abstract]
    Integrin-linked kinase: a potential player in ovarian cancer metastesis [abstract]
    Integumentary system
    Intellectual property protection, biotechnology and developing countries: will the trips be effective?
    Intellectual Property Rights and Concentration in Agricultural Biotechnology
    Intellectual Property Rights in a Changing Political Environment: Perspectives on the Types and Administration of Protection
    Intellectual Property Rights on Research Tools: Incentives or Barriers to Innovation? Case Studies of Rice Genomics and Plant Transformation Technologies
    An intelligent design retrieval system for module-based products
    An Intelligent Online System for Enhanced Recruitment of Patients for Clinical Research
    Intended Mathematics Curriculum as Represented in State-Level Curriculum Standards: Consensus or Confusion?
    Intention, economic opportunity and their impact on venture creation
    The inter-relations of the three schools of French poetry in the nineteenth century
    Interaction between seratonin transporter genotype and prenatal stress on neurodevelopment with implications for autism spectrum disorder
    Interaction Between Traditional Media and Social Media Coverage on Social Issues in China: A Content Analysis
    Interaction of a heterodimerization partner with glucocorticoid receptor (GR), androgen receptor (AR) and GR/AR hybrids
    Interaction of exercise and fish oil on postprandial lipemia
    The Interaction of Linear and Vertical Time in Minimalist and Postminimalist Piano Music
    The interaction of positive and negative outcome expectancies on drinking: a latent growth modeling approach
    Interaction of RNA polymerase II and the RNA silencing machinery in heterochromatin formation of Drosophila