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    An Investigation of the Effects of Teacher Prepared Programmed Tapes, Designed to Enhance Student Listening Abilities on Aural Concept Identification Tasks [1]
    An investigation of the feasibility and cost of the construction of a transmission line from Brookfield, Missouri to Laclede, Missouri [1]
    Investigation of the kinetcis [sic] and mechanisms of the inactivation of PTP-SHP2 peroxycarbonate and phytochemicals [1]
    Investigation of the mechanical strength of explanted polypropylene hernia meshes [abstract] [1]
    An investigation of the moderating effect of sex on the relationship between diabetes and learning disability [1]
    Investigation of the presence of charge order in magnetite by measurement of the spin wave spectrum [1]
    Investigation of the properties of ketamine on rat Mu opioid receptors expressed in Xenopus frog oocytes [abstract] [1]
    Investigation of the relative amplitude method in detecting early illness [1]
    Investigation of the replacement of cysteine residues in DOTA-(Tyr³)-octreotate: synthesis, characterization and evaluation of biological activities [1]
    Investigation of the rest period of seeds [1]
    Investigation of the unsaturated acids of cottonseed oil [1]
    Investigation of type I collagen deposition in the glomeruli of COL1A2 deficient mice [1]
    Investigation upon the nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and ash content of three beef animals, with special study upon the forms of sulfur [1]
    Investigations from the ribcage: the (dis)embodied order of safety, children, and the problematics of public school policy practice [1]
    Investigations into the cause of pollen abortion in maize CMS-C [1]
    Investigations into the chemistry of protein tyrosine phosphatase redox regulation [1]
    Investigations of iron-regulated genes in Arabidopsis thaliana [abstract] [1]
    Investigations of novel hydrogen adsorption phenomena [1]
    Investigations of rural conditions in Boone County, Missouri, as related to the county farm adviser [1]
    An investigative approach to explore optimum assembly process design for annular targets carrying leu foil [1]