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    Effects of Better Selection of Crops And Pastures on Farm Income In Missouri
    Effects of biochar on yield and nitrogen nutrition of warm-season biomass grasses
    The effects of Bisphenol A on the Zebrafish embryo
    Effects of blocking agents on molecular imaging of bcl-2 expression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia [abstract]
    Effects of boron and light treatments on the ascorbate concentration of alfalfa sprouts [abstract]
    The effects of bronze and composite sleeves on trunnion yoke plate stress concentrations
    Effects of Calcium-Rich Additives on the Small-Strain Modulus of Representative Subgrade Soils in Missouri
    The Effects of Calorie Information on Food Choice
    The Effects of Campaign Finance Laws on Turnout, 1950-2000
    The effects of capsaicin on blood pressure and other processes in the human body
    The effects of CEO succession on corporate restructuring and strategy change
    The Effects of Changing Fertilizer Production Costs on U.S. Agricultural Markets: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis
    Effects of Cimicifuga racemosa on mammary gland development in mice [abstract]
    Effects of clumped resources on den use by male raccoons at Baskett Wildlife Area
    The effects of cognition, discount framing, and expectations on consumer purchase decisions [abstract]
    Effects of cold joints in blast resistant structural concrete [abstract]
    The effects of computer-supported inquiry-based learning methods and peer interaction on learning stellar parallax
    The effects of conceptual description and search practice on users' mental models and information seeking in a case libray with a best match search mechanism
    Effects of conjugated linoleic acid on tissue lipid composition and bone remodeling in an ovariectomized aged rat model
    The effects of consumers' online shopping goals and their characteristics on perceived interactivity and shopping behaviors