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    Effects of conjugated linoleic acid on tissue lipid composition and bone remodeling in an ovariectomized aged rat model
    The effects of consumers' online shopping goals and their characteristics on perceived interactivity and shopping behaviors
    Effects of continous administration of low-dose of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide in chicks and poults fed non toxic doses of aflatoxin B1 and T-2 toxin
    The effects of cooperation scripts and technology implementation on cooperative learning
    Effects of Cotton Prices and Allotments on Land Use in the Missouri Delta
    Effects of culture conditions on cytosine methylation and MeCP2 binding in preimplantation mouse embryos
    The effects of customer participation on service outcomes: a fit perspective
    Effects of deceptive behavior on biomechanical measures of standing posture
    Effects of deep brain stimulation on implicit learning in patients with Parkinson's disease
    Effects of delayed polymerizat[i]on time and bracket manipulation on orthodontic resin modified glass ionomer adhesive
    Effects Of Delayed Polymerization Time and Bracket Manipulation on Orthodontic Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Adhesive
    Effects of desiccation on juvenile Rana clamitans foraging behavior [abstract]
    Effects of diet and exercise on carotid lesions in male pigs
    Effects of dietary melamine and cyanuric acid in young broilers and turkey poults
    Effects of dietary melamine and cyanuric acid in young Pekin ducks and weanling pigs
    Effects of discussion forums on student academic success within academic disciplines in online undergraduate courses
    The Effects of Dopamine and Salience Manipulations on Magical Thinking
    Effects of early intervention targeting mathematically at-risk first grade students [abstract]
    The effects of eccentric and concentric resistance exercise on metabolic health
    The effects of elevated temperature on preimplantation-stage porcine embryos