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    The Effects of Welfare-to-Work Program Activities on Labor Market Outcomes
    Effects of western corn rootworm larval feeding, drought, and their interaction on maize performance and rootworm development
    Effects on constant environmental temperatures of 50 degrees and 80 degrees F on the growth responses of Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey calves.
    Effects on sibship size and composition on younger brothers' and sisters' alcohol use initiation: findings from an Australian twin sample
    Efficacy of a modified constraint induced movement therapy protocol in the clinical setting [abstract]
    The efficacy of a new phytase in low-phosphorus corn-soybean meal rations on growing pig bone strength, bone ash, and growth performance [abstract]
    Efficacy of adsorbents and antioxidants in reducing the effects of mycotoxins in broilers and pigs
    Efficacy of an online problem-based learning course in occupational therapy education
    Efficacy of bibliotherapy as a treatment for low sexual desire in women
    Efficacy of Brassica seed meal for management of Pythium root rot in greenhouse-grown vegetables
    Efficacy of curcumin in ameliorating the toxic effects of ochratoxin A and aflatoxin in young broilers [abstract]
    Efficacy of DBR-CM on classroom management
    Efficacy of high levels of microbial phytase in improving phytate Phosphorus utilization by turkeys
    Efficacy of interferon-stimulated genes and pregnancy-associated glycoproteins for pregnancy diagnosis within an estrus resynchronization protocol for dairy cattle
    Efficacy of modified constraint-induced movement therapy (mCIMT) protocol with clients with chronic stroke [abstract]
    Efficacy of nanoparticles in achieving hemostasis
    Efficacy of oriental mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern.) seed meal for weed and disease control in turf
    Efficacy of osteoporosis screening and treatment protocol at the Orthopedic Trauma Center
    Efficacy of phenothiazine in the treatment of sheep for control of internal parasites
    Efficacy of TNF inhibitor treatment in a model of heart failure and resulting cachexia