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    Iron County Census Tract & Voting District Maps [1]
    Iron in pregnancy [1]
    Iron, wine, and a woman named Lucy: landscapes of memory in St. James, Missouri [1]
    The irony of Electing an Impartial Judiciary: Understanding the Influence of Partisan Elections on Electoral Competition and Public Confidence [1]
    Irrational behavior of algebraic discrete valuations [1]
    Irrationality of Power Series for Various Number Theoretic Functions [1]
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    Is a carotid bruit a good predictor of underlying carotid stenosis in an asymptomatic person? [1]
    Is a D-dimer test useful in predicting future clot development after completion of vitamin K antagonist therapy for an unprovoked PE or DVT? [1]
    Is a history of superficial thrombophlebitis a contraindication to the use of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT)? [1]
    Is a period of inactivity required to safely manage patients with a newly diagnosed DVT? [1]
    Is a picture really worth a thousand words? [abstract] [1]
    Is a single dose of oral ondansetron effective in reducing rates of intravenous rehydration in children with gastroenteritis? [1]
    Is a structured exercise program as effective as arthroscopic surgery for decreasing the pain of nontraumatic meniscal injuries? [1]
    Is a test of cure necessary after completing therapy for Helicobacter pylori? [1]
    Is accuracy in fertility detection mediated by differences in the mate value of the rater and target? [1]
    Is acupuncture an effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorder? [1]
    Is acupuncture effective for insomnia? [1]