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    The intramolecular, stereoselective addition of sulfoximine carbanions to electron deficient alkenes
    Intramuscular betamethasone for acute gout may reduce pain faster than oral diclofenac sodium
    Intramuscular vs intravenous oxytocin for active management of the third stage of labor
    Intranasal steroids vs antihistamines: which is better for seasonal allergies and conjunctivitis?
    Intraoral Corrosion of Self-ligating Metallic Brackets and Archwires and the Effect on Friction
    Intrapulmonary expression of PPAR in a rat model of pulmonary hypertension [abstract]
    Intraspecific interactions, resource selection, and movements of Eastern cottontail rabbits [abstract]
    Intrathecal baclofen as a pharmacologic treatment for tactile defensiveness and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder [abstract]
    Intrauterine growth restriction
    Intrauterine growth restrictions: diagnostics
    Intravenous Fluids for Children with Gastroenteritis
    Intrinsic dosimetry: properties and mechanisms of thermoluminescence in commercial borosilicate glass
    Intrinsic high aerobic capacity protects against lipid induced hepatic insulin resistance [abstract]
    Intrinsic, extrinsic and environmental regulation of muscle satellite cell motility
    Intro to family health
    Intro to GIS Series (Missouri GIS Conference 1999);
    Introducing DSpace 3.1
    Introduction of a Fully Relativistic Capable Basis Set in the ab initio Orthogonalized Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals Method
    Introduction of Don Lindberg
    Introduction of low noise amplifier for ultra-wideband radar receiver