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    Effects of spatial subsidies and canopy cover on pond communities and multiple life stages in amphibians
    Effects of spin current in ferromagnets
    Effects of statins on metabolic adaptations to aerobic exercise training: preliminary findings [abstract]
    The effects of stereotype threat on the associative memory deficit of older adults
    The effects of stereotypical depictions of African-Americans in web-based news stories presented in conditions with different levels of distraction
    Effects of steroid and steroid-like compounds on digestion of rations by ruminants : in vivo and in vitro studies using diethylstilbestrol, cholesterol, estrone, testosterone, cortisone and hexestrol
    The Effects of stilbestrol and sex condition on growth, carcass characteristics and reproductive organs of swine
    Effects of strain on orbital ordering and magnetism at perovskite oxide interfaces: LaMnO3/SrMnO3
    The effects of structural modifications on sigma receptor binding
    The effects of supplemental anionic salts & yeast culture on the production of dairy cattle during the periparturient period
    The effects of supplemental rumen-protected fat in feedlot rations
    Effects of supplemental water on field crops
    Effects of supplementation of dietary antioxidants and chelated trace minerals in periparturient dairy cows and subsequent response to intramammary bacterial challenge
    The effects of tDCS on individuals with compromised cognition: a review of the literature [abstract]
    The effects of technology on newspaper copy editors' job satisfaction
    The effects of temperature and admixture handling on lipid emulsion stability in centrally administered veterinary parenteral nutrition (PN) admixtures
    Effects of temperature and humidity on the keeping quality of shell eggs
    Effects of temperature on biodiesel supplemented with pork and beef fat compared to standard fuels [abstract]
    Effects of temperature, 50 degrees to 105 degrees F and 50 degrees to 9 degrees F on heat production and cardiorespiratory activities in Brahman, Jersey and Holstein cows.
    Effects of temperature, photoperiod, and substrate on the maturation and reproductive behavior of the Topeka shiner (Notropis topeka)