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    Effects of pre-slaughter feeding regimen on beef carcass characteristics
    Effects of prenatal exposure to environmental estrogen and the development of endometriosis in adulthood [abstract]
    Effects of prenatal exposure to xenobiotic estrogen and the development of endometriosis in adulthood
    Effects of prerequisite library research instruction on the information seeking knowledge and behavior of community college students in an introductory nursing course
    Effects of prescribed burning in Missouri Ozark upland forests
    Effects of prescribed burning on ground-foraging ant assemblages
    Effects of prescribed fire and timber harvest on terrestrial salamander abundance, behavior, and microhabitat use
    Effects of pressure and temperature on the yield strength of tantalum and rhenium
    Effects of pro-inflamatory cytokines on polarized rat parotid Par-C10 monolayers [abstract]
    The effects of progress monitoring in early writing using curriculum-based measurement
    The effects of projected films on singers' expressivity in choral performance
    The effects of prompts-based argumentation scaffolds on peer-led interactive argumentation
    Effects of red wine and grape juice against foodborne pathogens and probiotics
    Effects of reduced protein and diet complexity on performance and cost of nursery pigs
    The effects of reduced protein diets using the Missouri ideal turkey protein on male turkeys from 0 to 21 weeks of age
    Effects of reduced protein, amino acid supplemented diets on production and economic performance of commercial broilers fed from hatch to market age
    Effects of regeneration harvests on stand development and oak (Quercus spp.) regeneration through 15 years in bottomland hardwood forests of Northern Missouri
    The effects of regular tanning bed use and increased vitamin D status on bone mineral density and serum inflammatory markers in healthy women
    Effects of riparian buffer width on stream salamander populations in the southern Appalachian Mountains
    Effects of RNAi on SAUR gene expression [abstract]