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    Effects of isometric exercise on the relationship between muscle pain and resting blood pressure and resting heart rate
    The Effects of Italian Stylistic Traits on Three Early German Protestant Composers
    Effects of lactic acid source on properties of beef sausages restructured with alginate gel
    The effects of leaf litter type on the growth and development of gray treefrog tadpoles
    The Effects of Leptin on Placental Development and Function, and Offspring Behavior in Mice
    The effects of listening conditions, error types, and ensemble textures on the error detection skills of undergraduate instrumental music education majors
    Effects of literacy environmental factors on fourth graders' mathematics-related outcomes in Finland
    Effects of low crude protein diets with amino acid supplementation on broiler performance in the starter period
    Effects of machining system parameters and dynamics on quality of high-speed milling
    Effects of magnetic field exposure on seed and vegetative cutting propagation of select woody species
    The Effects of Management and Sex on Carcasses of Yearling Cattle
    Effects of maternal diet on offspring in terms of behavior and overall health [abstract]
    The Effects of Math Recovery on the Low-Performing Mathematics Student
    Effects of maturity and production stage on residual feed intake classification of beef cows
    Effects of McDonalds on younger Chinese generation's lives
    The effects of media framing of political conflicts on party identification and political participation
    Effects of medication on children with ADHD : does medicine for ADHD negatively impact children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
    The effects of metformin therapy on BMI and biochemical markers among overweight children and adolescents [abstract]
    The Effects of Mild Hyperthyroidism on Growing Animals of Four Species