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    The effect of the physical classroom environment on literacy outcomes: how 3rd grade teachers use the physical classroom to implement a balanced literacy curriculum
    Effect of the plane of nutrition on the ash constituents of cow's milk
    The effect of the school finance reforms in Vermont and New Hampshire on per pupil spending
    The effect of the sugar content in the manufacture of commercial ice cream
    The Effect of Thermal Annealing on Phase Separation in Organic Photovoltaic Films
    The effect of thyroid and thyroxine on milk secretion in dairy cattle
    The effect of thyroxine on thyroid function
    The Effect of Tillage and Crop Rotation on Soybean and Soil Health
    The effect of timber stand improvement practices on the abundance of Pileated Woodpeckers
    Effect of top-dressed limestone, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on yield and mineral content of tall fescue forage and soil test values
    The Effect of Topical Fluoride Agents on Coated Nickel-Titanium Archwires
    Effect of transgene introgression site on gene migration from transgenic b. napus to b. rapa [abstract]
    Effect of treatment on fence posts
    The effect of troponin I phosphorylation on the steepness of the Frank-Starling relationship
    The Effect of Trust on Public Support for Biotechnology: Evidence from the U.S. Biotechnology Study, 1997-1998
    Effect of two levels of estradiol benzoate on reinitiation of lactation in dairy cattle
    The effect of udder irrigation and milking interval on milk secretion
    The effect of ultra-violet rays on the dermatitis preventing vitamin
    The effect of uncertainty in "field of the day" treatment regimes in proton therapy
    The effect of uranyl on a sulfur-bound amino acid [abstract]